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Fallout 4 Walking cane

Walking cane

In Fallout 4 The Walking cane isn’t especially effective for a scuffle weapon. That being stated, this medium-speed weapon can be moved up to penetrate covering with a slight lift in harm and has one of the least AP expenses of any weapon in the amusement.

Walking cane Locations

A Walking cane can be found in the best area of a sinking watercraft only east of Spectacle Island. By playing out a progression of particular bounces, one can achieve an area of the pontoon that is high up and contains just a mobile stick on the ground.

Two Walking cane might be found in the dozing zone of the Charles View Amphitheater.

One Walking cane might be found in the National Guard enrollment office in an upstairs room, sitting in an umbrella remain by the work area with the wheelchair.

Fallout 4 Walking cane

Fallout 4 Melee Weapons List

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Pool Cue Pipe Wrench Revolutionary Sword
Walking Cane Rolling Pin Shishkebob
Sledgehammer Super Sledge Switchblade / Ripper

One can be found in the Lexington Pharmacy.

One can be found in room 61 of the Harbormaster in.

Another is on the seat in the transport stop outside Sandy Coves Convalescent Home.

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Fallout 4 Walking cane
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