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Unturned Cheats and Console Command

Unturned Cheats and Console Command

Unturned is set up in the open world survival computer game which was composed and distributed by Nelson Sexton. Nelson Sexton is the proprietor and originator of Smartly Programmed Games. Since it’s discharged numerous unturned tricks were additionally made to facilitate the gameplay for players.

Unturned GamePlay and WalkThrough Guide For Players:

The diversion begins by leaving their preferred player off on a guide. With nothing in their grasp, players must discover a few weapons to protect against zombies, and also discover supplies to keep them alive of passing on for not getting sustenance, malady, thirst and if Yukon is the situation and other winter maps, icy.

As the player advances through the amusement, they acquire encounter focuses from murdering zombies or gathering assets, which is then utilized for lifts and longing for.

Multiplayer Survival Mode In Unturned:

Unturned’s multiplayer survival mode has influenced numerous players to play together on a similar guide in the meantime. Players have the privilege to collaborate to protect them against the zombies which bring forth haphazardly.

At that point to assemble things, or players can battle each other, and battle about the items.The amusement likewise has a component in which the player can be in a gathering with companions in a same “group“.

➜ Main Unturned Commands:

Time Commands: @day @night @time [numerical value]

Spawn Items: @give [steam ID]/[item ID]/[quantity]

Spawn Vehicles: @vehicle [steam ID]/[vehicle ID]

Teleport: @teleport [subject’s steam ID]/[location name/target steam player’s ID]

This “group” gives the player the quality to gaze towards each other on the guide and furthermore enables ways to be opened which is possessed by other gathering individuals, and furthermore to flip off cordial fire among the individuals from the gathering.

This permits the utilization of other bolted things, for example, autos and lockers by others.

Game Mode In Unturned:

Field mode is that game mode in Unturned which is just accessible to play in multiplayer. The amusement mode generates players in a state of producing which is at the focal point of the guide, where players race to gather things. Same as we have an amusement level in Gunblood gameplay.

These things are medicinal supplies, weapons, and ammunition – from a point in the focal point of the guide.

Unturned Cheats and Console Command

Players should then either spread themselves from the centre of the guide or remain on the inside and battle each other. The gathering highlight licenses groups to slaughter different players together, and in addition to flip inadvertent well disposed of fire. The surviving individual or the group alive can win the field mode toward the finish of the round.

Players are murdered by each other, or on the off chance that they cross the guide outskirt, which contracts and beheads the majority of the players that are available outside, to pressurize the players into the focal point of the guide to fight. This component was acquired to keep the round from continuing for a really long time period.

Crowd Mode was already an Alpha amusement mode in Unturned 3. While it can at present conceivably be gotten to through the use of the Workshop, it is generally inaccessible in the present. In Horde Mode, players battle against floods of zombies.

To improve the gameplay encounter, enter the accompanying trick codes.

Unturned Cheats and Console Command:

Critical Note: Use ” <> ” rather than ” ( ) ” if cheats code does not work.

For instance:

Portrayal: Give server administrator specialist to a player

CODES : @Admin <player> rather than @Admin (player)


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List Of Unturned Console Commands:

@Admin Grant server admin status to a player
@Ban // Ban player from the server
@Day Set the game time to day
@Give // Gives the indicated players specific item
@Experience / Gain indicated amount of experience
@Kick / Kick player from server
@Maxplayers Sets the maximum number of players on server
@Night Sets the game time to night
@Night Save current server’s data
@Say Send messages with the [Server] tag replacing your name in chat
@Shutdown Deactivates the server and save status
@Slay Kill and ban the select player for the default year
@Teleport / Teleport one player to another player or location
@Time Set the time
@Unadmin Remove server admin status from player
@Unban Lift a ban from player
@Unpermit Remove permit from indicated player
@Vehicle / Spawn indicated vehicle near the player
@Zombie / Spawn zombie enemies near a player

Unturned Console Commands Item ID No

Shades 1
Jeans 2
Orange Hoodie 3
Eaglefire 4
Eaglefire Ironsights 5
5.56 Magazine 6
5.56 Silencer 7
Vertical Grip 8
Daypack 9
Police Vest 10
Bandana 11
Ushanka 12
Canned Beans 13
Water Bottle 14
Medkit 15
Axe 16
5.56 Drum 17
Timberwolf 18
Timberwolf Ironsights 19
8.60 Magazine 20
8x Scope 21
Red Dot Sight 22
Tuxedo Pants (Premium Account) 23
Tuxedo Shirt (Premium Account) 24
Gold Bowtie (Premium Account) 25
Monocle (Premium Account) 26
Tophat (Premium Account) 27
Gas Can 28
Fortification Barricade 29
Wood Barricade 30
Wood Foundation 31
Wood Doorway 32
Wood Wall 33
Wood Window 34
Maple Roof 35
Wood Pillar 36
Military Ammo Crate 43
Civilian Ammo Box 44
Rope 45
Wire 46
Cloth 66
Metal Scrap 67
Metal Sheet 68
Tape 69
Glue 70
Nails 71
Can 72
Explosives 73
Bricks 74
Chemicals 75
Blowtorch 76
Tomato Soup 77
Chicken Soup 78
Canned Tuna 79
Canned Cola 80
MRE 81
Chips 82
Chocolate Bar 83
Candy Bar 84
Granola Bar 85
Energy Bar 86
Canned Pasta 87
Canned Bacon 88
Canned Beef 89
Canned Sardines 90
Apple Juice 91
Grape Juice 92
Bottled Energy 93
Bottled Coconut 94
Bandage 95
Splint 96
Colt 97
Colt Magazine 98
Cobra 99
Cobra Magazine 100
Schofield 101
Schofield Ironsights 102
Schofield Clip 103
Fire Axe 104
Baseball Bat 105
Hockey Stick 106
Ace 107
Ace Clip 108
Hawkhound 109
Hawkhound Ironsights 110
Hawkhouse Magazine 111
Bluntforce 112
Shells 113
Bluntforce Ironsights 114
Pink Berry 115
Honeybadger 116
Honeybadger Barrel 117
Honeybadger Ironsights 118
Ranger Ammo Box 119
Kitchen Knife 120
Military Knife 121
Zubekanov 122
Ranger Magazine 123
Zubekanov Ironsights 124
Ranger Drum 125
Nykorev 126
Nykorev Box 127
Nykorev Ironsights 128
Snayperskya 129
Snayperskya Magazine 130
Snayperskya Sight 131
Dragonfang 132
Dragonfang Box 133
Dragonfang Ironsights 134
Golf Club 135
Sledgehammer 136
Butcher Knife 137
Hammer 138
Swiss Knife 139
Butterfly Knife 140
Saw 141
Rake 142
Bipod 143
Ranger Suppressor 144
Horizontal Grip 145
Red Dot Sight 146
Red Halo Sight 147
Red Chevron Scope 148
Military Barrel 149
Military Muzzle 150
Tactical Laser 151
Tactical Light 152
7x Scope 153
Orange Shirt 154
Orange Tee 155
Orange Parka 156
Purple Hoodie 157
Purple Shirt 158
Purple Tee 159
Purple Parka 160
Green Hoodie 161
Green Parka 162
Green Shirt 163
Green Tee 164
Red Hoodie 165
Red Parka 166
Red Shirt 167
Red Tee 168
Yellow Hoodie 169
Yellow Parka 170
Yellow Shirt 171
Yellow Tee 172
Blue Hoodie 173
Blue Parka 174
Blue Shirt 175
Blue Tee 176
White Hoodie 177
White Parka 178
White Shirt 179
White Tee 180
Black Hoodie 181
Black Parka 182
Black Shirt 183
Black Tee 184
Black Bandana 185
Blue Bandana 186
Green Bandana 187
Orange Hoodie 188
Purple Bandana 189
White Bandana 190
Yellow Bandana 191
Toque 192
Blue Toque 193
Green Toque 194
Orange Toque 195
Purple Toque 196
Red Toque 197
White Toque 198
Yellow Toque 199
Black Daypack 200
Blue Daypack 201
Green Daypack 202
Orange Daypack 203
Purple Daypack 204
White Daypack 205
Yellow Daypack 206
Designer Jeans 207
Cowboy Jeans 208
Cargo Pants 209
Buds 300
Plaid Shirt 301
Kahki Pants 302
Corduroy Pants 303
Trouser Pants 304
Back Sweatervest 305
Blue Sweatervest 306
Green Sweatervest 307
Orange Sweatervest 308
Purple Sweatervest 309
Red Sweatervest 310
White Sweatervest 311
Yellow Sweatervest 312
Police Top 314
Police Bottom 315
Police Cap 316
Khaki Shorts 317
Cargo Shorts 318
Corduroy Shorts 319
Trouser Shorts 320
Chef Top 321
Chef Bottom 322
Construction Top 323
Firefighter Top 324
Firefighter Bottom 325
Ghillie Top 326
Ghillie Bottom 327
Ghillie Hoodie 328
Ghillie Vest 329
Chef Hat 340
Construction Helmet 341
Firefighter Helmet 342
Farmer Top 343
Farmer Bottom 344
Farmer Hat 345
Black Travelpack 346
Blue Travelpack 347
Green Travelpack 348
Orange Travelpack 349
Purple Travelpack 350
Red Travelpack 351
White Travelpack 352
Yellow Travelpack 353
Alicepack 354
Grenade 355
Blue Flare 356
Green Flare 357
Orange Flare 358
Purple Flare 359
Red Flare 400
Yellow Flare 401
Black Smoke 402
Blue Smoke 403
Green Smoke 404
Orange Smoke 405
Purple Smoke 406
Red Smoke 407
White Smoke 408
Yellow Smoke 409
Vaccine 410
Amber Berry 411
Indigo Berry 412
Jade Berry 413
Russet Berry 414
Teal Berry 415
Vermillion Berry 416
Flashlight 417
Carjack 418
Maple Door 419
Birch Door 420
Pine Door 421
Jail Door 422
Metal Bar 423
Bar Fortification 424
Black Bedrolls 425
Blue Bedrolls 426
Green Bedrolls 427
Orange Bedrolls 428
Purple Bedrolls 429
Red Bedrolls 430
White Bedrolls 431
Yellow Bedrolls 432
16x Scope 433
Grizzly Sniper Rifle 434
Grizzly Mag 435
Grizzly Iron Sights 436
Shadow Stalker 437
Rail 438
Shadow Stalker Scope 439
Prisoner Top 400
Prisoner Bottom 401
RCMP Bottom 402
RCMP Top 402
Military Top 403
Military Bottom 404
Military Helmet 405


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