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Fallout 4 Tire Iron

Fallout 4 Tire Iron

An essential skirmish weapon discovered right off the bat, directly over the scaffold from Sanctuary. It is superior to the beginning security implement, with bringing down AP cost per swing and marginally better harm. On the off chance that overhauled with the Bladed mod (requires Blacksmith rank 2), it turns into a respectable early-mid amusement scuffle weapon.


It can be discovered leaving Sanctuary Hills close to a dead mutt and bandit.

Tire iron (Fallout 3)


This normal weapon, regularly utilized by thieves, isn’t exceptionally solid contrasted with other Melee Weapons, for example, heavy hammers. In spite of the fact that not a very harming weapon, it has a fast assault, such a large number of blows can be landed rapidly. It is repaired with other tire presses and can be purchased at a few shops all through the no man’s land.


The tire iron can effectively strike around 667 times from full condition before breaking.

Fallout 4 Tire Iron


Thief’s Friend – Unique tire press found in Canterbury Commons. Marginally more effective than the normal tire press, the Highwayman’s Friend is additionally more than twice as tough. Be that as it may, it measures two pounds more than its non-special cousin.

Tire iron Locations

  • Two in My Megaton house.
  • Two in the utility.
  • Four in the Roosevelt Academy and Maintenance burrow.
  • Two in the Chryslus Building gathering territory.
  • Two in Hamilton’s hideaway.
  • Two in the Red Racer production line’s manufacturing plant floor.
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Tire iron (Fallout: New Vegas)


A corroded old Tire iron, regularly utilized for releasing nuts from auto tires. The tire press has a high harm for a low-level weapon.

Unique attack

It has a unique Lights Out assault that does 125% harm in V.A.T.S. at the cost of 8 more activity focuses (requires a Melee aptitude of 50)

It is conceivable to execute Lights Out outside of V.A.T.S. (without the required Melee aptitude of 50 to play out the move) by starting a power assault (hold assault catch) while advancing.

Fallout 4 Melee Weapons List

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Pool Cue Pipe Wrench Revolutionary Sword
Walking Cane Rolling Pin Shishkebob
Sledgehammer Super Sledge Switchblade / Ripper


The tire iron can effectively strike around 995 times from full condition before breaking.


It can be found in many areas where low-level humanoid adversaries are found, most quite Primm and Freeside, conveyed by a portion of the convicts or hooligans.

Normally found on Vipers.

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Fallout 4 Tire Iron
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