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Fallout 4 The Slog

Fallout 4 The Slog

Following the outcast of all demons by request of Mayor McDonough, one previous occupant, Wiseman, rather than making a beeline for a Good neighbour with most of the devil masses, chose to establish a settlement that would go about as a place of refuge for aggrieved fiends.

Fallout 4 The Slog Background

Fallout 4 The Slog is a location and potential settlement in the Commonwealth in 2287. The Slog is based on an old open swimming pool that goes about as an asylum for demons. Establishing the group in a surrendered open swimming pool, Wiseman and a gathering of previous Diamond City fiends started to create tarberries by using the swimming pool for cultivating. As word spread about the settlement, different pre-War demons started taking up living arrangement inside the foundation, including popular creator Arlen Glass.

As the group developed, the settlement was still without a name. At the point when a dealer chose to take asylum there following a long adventure, they depicted the outing as a “trudge,” yet at the same time thought the whole trek was justified regardless of the exertion. Upon the inevitable flight of the dealer, Wiseman chose to name his little residency “The Slog,” a representation to portray how living at the settlement would dependably be a test, yet the attempt would be justified, despite all the trouble at last.

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The Slog, in the long run, wound up plainly one of the sole makers of tarberries in the Commonwealth. Because of the great notoriety, this gathered, Wiseman chose that perhaps his group could turn out to be something other than a shelter for outsider fiends. He trusted it could turn into a case of how collaboration and an enthusiasm towards a shared objective can accomplish incredible things, and help improve the misinterpretations about and estrangement of demons around the Commonwealth.

The Slog Layout

The solid building comprises of a fundamental stay with two passageways, and two parallel shower rooms containing a few quaint little inns on either side of the passage. The demon tenants develop tarberries in the swimming pool outside, alongside a cornfield adjacent where the labourers create their own particular sustenance. A kids’ play area is situated past a fence close to the settlement.


  • Wiseman
  • Deirdre
  • Jones
  • Holly
  • Arlen Glass
  • 3 anonymous labourers
  • Notable loot

Fallout 4 The Slog

Lunchroom note – On the counter inside the Advanced secured cafe in the upper east.

Related Quests

Giddyup ‘n Go – Arlen Glass offers a journey to recover some toy parts from the Wilson Atomatoys plant in return for tops, the measure of which can be expanded by leaving behind to three Charisma checks. On the off chance that the Sole Survivor has effectively cleared the industrial facility before meeting Arlen, an exchange alternative will show up enabling the Sole Survivor to reveal to him where to discover the toy parts he needs. Arlen will remunerate 150 tops as an instalment for the tip and chooses to go to the manufacturing plant himself, denying the player character the various journeys.

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Holly – Arlen Glass can be given Marlene’s holotype, a pre-War recording of his little girl and his significant other who both passed on when the bombs hit over two centuries prior. It can be found in his terminal, which thus is situated in the secured office on the highest level of the Wilson Atomatoys Corporate HQ. Restoring the holotape to Glass will be compensated with more tops and the Buttercup toy, an exceptional Giddyup Buttercup toy horse.

On the off chance that the Sole Survivor has officially cleared the production line and tuned in to Marlene’s holotape (this could likewise require certain terminal sections read at the manufacturing plant) before meeting Arlen when he initially presents himself a discourse alternative gives the idea that enables the Sole Survivor to remember him. There is then a yellow exchange challenge on the reaction “Little girl?” when he solicits how the Sole Survivor knows from him. He will then relate his pitiful story of disregarding his little girl and how he ought to have been a superior father. He would then be able to be given her holotape bringing about the beforehand specified prizes.

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