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Fallout 4 Sunshine Tidings co-op

Sunshine Tiding Co

Fallout 4 Sunshine Tidings co-op seems to have been a common settlement before the War. The Mister Handy, Professor Goodfellas, was “freed” from its “subjection” and now drifts around yelling old flower child expressions, for example, “Far Out” and “Awesome.” Sunshine Tidings co-op is a location and conceivable settlement in Fallout 4.

Sunshine Tidings co-op Background & Layout 

The region is cooperative with numerous little lodges with patios worked around one focal building. To either side of the little building are wrinkled with wild tomato plants, showing this was a working homestead. Around the focal building circles, Professor Good feels a Mister Handy robot that has been taken and reinvented by Jack and Johnny and can be controlled from a terminal inside the building.

On the east side are a wreck corridor and washroom slow down.

Inside the wreckage, the corridor is two non-domesticated devils, a bag, a container of iguana bits, a broiler glove, a fire quencher and a few excursion seats. On its north side is a little fenced in area which contains bedding. Simply outside the chaos corridor is a cooking station.

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Fallout 4 Sunshine Tidings co-op

Inside the focal building are a workshop and a science station.

Adjacent toward the southwest is a “watchtower.” It has a chem box to plunder, a sleeping pad to lay on and two bandits who will bring forth just underneath the stones toward the south when the player character communicates with the wooden box at the highest point of the structure. Pillagers will respawn following a couple in-amusement days.

Prominent loot

No man’s land Survival Guide issue #9, in the western house, with two unfriendly non-domesticated demons and a dead pilgrim.

Related Quests

Making room: The Sole Survivor is entrusted to clear the territory from unfriendly animals and empower the workshop.

Taking Point: The Sole Survivor is entrusted to assemble and control a radio reference point to draw in new pioneers.

Mercer Safehouse: Possible area P.A.M. will send the Sole Survivor to set up a safe house.


Daylight Tidings is encompassed by risky animals and adversaries. Super mutants generate toward the north, deathclaws and radscorpions produce down the slope, a behemoth brings forth close-by and there’s a Gunner base on an adjacent bridge.

The Gunner camp on the bridge toward the southeast must be gotten to by a “lift” sort pulley framework straightforwardly under the bridge. There are two monitors here who will assault and they will respawn following a couple of days.

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