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Fallout 4 Sanctuary Hills

Sanctuary Hills

Sanctuary Hills History

Fabricated at some point in the 2070s, Sanctuary Hills was an inviting suburb of Concord, situated on a little island about a mile north of the town and open just by a wooden extension, comprising of 14 pre-assembled homes. Prior to the Great War Sanctuary Hills was the home of the Sole Survivor, who lived in the House of Tomorrow with their mate Nate/Nora, their child Shaun, and their robot steward Codsworth.  Sanctuary Hills, frequently alluded to as Sanctuary, is an area and settlement in the Commonwealth in 2287.

On Saturday, October 23rd, 2077, numerous families were quite recently starting their end of the week mornings when their radios and TVs started detailing atomic explosions in New York and Pennsylvania at 9:42 am. At 9:47 am, Boston was hit by one nuclear warhead, and Sanctuary Hills was hit by the consequent nuclear impact seconds after the fact. Select natives that had spaces held fled to Vault 111, directly through the forested areas encompassing the group, to get away from the nuclear fire. After the war, Sanctuary Hills was to a great extent left to rot, with a few of the first homes crumbling and the others falling into different conditions of dilapidation. Its exclusive inhabitants amid the post-war time were radroaches, bloatflies, Codsworth, and the Vault-Tec rep for a brief timeframe. Upon coming back to the town following cryogenic stasis, Sanctuary Hills will regularly turn into the principal settlement in The Commonwealth to fall under the Sole Survivor’s control.
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The remnants of the advancement turned into a forthcoming settlement for the survivors of the Quincy Massacre, drove by Preston Garvey, who are caught in the close-by Museum of Freedom in Concord. After the mission When Freedom Calls, Sanctuary Hills turns into the primary new Commonwealth Minutemen settlement after their demolition at Quincy.

The settlement is furnished with the previous making stations:

  • Protective layer workbench
  • Science station
  • Cooking station
  • Power protective layer station
  • Weapons workbench

Sanctuary Hills Layout

Asylum Hills is open by a little footbridge from Vault 111 and unique primary street over the bigger scaffold crossing the Misty Lake waterway, prompting Concord, through the Red Rocket energizing station. The town itself is worked along a solitary street, which closes in a circular drive. The site is populated by a few houses which, by 2287, are in different conditions of rot. Toward the west of Sanctuary Hills, the Misty Lake is found and is the source to the two streams encompassing the little island of Sanctuary Hills.

Fallout 4 Sanctuary Hills

There are different safes and lootable things to be found in Sanctuary. Beginning from the scaffold driving out of the group, there is a story safe (Advanced) covered up under a dresser in the blue house toward the north of the street. In the yellow house at the end of the road, there is a terminal (Novice) and a protected (Novice) with a temporary bomb on the best and pressure trigger fastened to one side hand side. In the blue house beside the yellow one is a Nuka-Cherry in the cooler, an emergency treatment encloses the restroom and a bolted bag (Novice) in the room. In the Sole Survivor’s home, the player character can discover an issue of Grognak the Barbarian on the kitchen table and the “You’re SPECIAL!” book under the dresser in Shaun’s room. There is a safe (Advanced) in the house and a root basement around the back of the accompanying house down the road; just before the circuitous, containing numerous things and a bolted safe (Advanced). The house south of the circuitous has a story safe (Novice) covered up under the child bed.

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The root basement is a safe house worked under a neighbouring property, two houses up from the House of Tomorrow in 2287. It creates the impression that the proprietor was not ready to save a space in a vault thus made his own safe house. The entryway can be found at the back of the house, just before the circular drive in the upper east of Sanctuary Hills. It is a hedge of wild mutfruit plants. There is a duffle pack containing levelled plunder on the top of a similar house, open by means of the fallen tree to the back of the house.


In 2287

  • Codsworth (lives in the House of Tomorrow)
  • Jun Long (if When Freedom Calls is finished)
  • Mother Murphy (if When Freedom Calls is finished)
  • Marcy Long (if When Freedom Calls is finished)
  • Preston Garvey (if When Freedom Calls is finished)
  • Pilgrims (if enlistment radio guide is introduced or if sent there amid arbitrary experiences)
  • Sturges (if When Freedom Calls is finished)
  • Vault-Tec rep (if persuaded through Charisma check)

Pre-War inhabitants

  • Mr. Capable
  • Mrs. Capable
  • Pastry specialist
  • Codsworth
  • DiPietro
  • Jahani
  • Neighbor
  • Nora/Nate
  • Rosa
  • Rosa’s child
  • Russell
  • Shaun
  • Mr Smith
  • Sole Survivor
  • Mr. Whitfield
  • Mrs. Whitfield
  • Mr. Sumner
  • Mrs. Sumner

Notable loot

The House of Tomorrow

Grognak the Barbarian issue #3 – On the kitchen counter.

You’re SPECIAL! – In Shaun’s room, under the dresser. Awards +1 to the chose SPECIAL detail.

Shaun’s lodging, a one of a kind den – In Shaun’s room. This is just valuable in the making menu.

Root cellar

Three gold bars can be found around and in the safe.

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Three Gwinnett stouts can be found in a box on the floor.

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