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Fallout 4 Outpost Zimonja

Fallout 4 Outpost Zimonja


Fallout 4 Outpost Zimonja was before a camp worked by a gathering of pilgrims. They were altogether butchered when the thief Boomer and his pack showed up and assumed control over the hand-off pinnacle. Station Zimonja is a location and settlement in the Commonwealth in 2287.

Fallout 4 Outpost Zimonja Layout

 A progression of stopgap structures is organized in a crate shape with two levels. It is watched by intense pillagers, one wearing force defensive layer (Boomer) and employing a Fat Man. There are additionally some auto turrets along the eastbound side. There are a few unmarked points of interest close-by. A shack is outside the building territory specifically toward the west and a latrine is north of that by a lake. A solitary bandit is living out of a relinquished freight truck out and about driving into the station from the east, protected by a few turrets and canines. There is an entryway that opens onto the guide outskirt due north of the radio pinnacle. The entryway gives off an impression of being indistinguishable to a wire fence door in all regards, however bigger.

Remarkable loot

Astoundingly Awesome Tales issue #07 is situated on the workshop.

Smaller than usual nuke between the tomato plants and the generator (can fall through the principal layer of soil to the layer beneath it, cutting out of view)

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A Fat Man is dropped by Boomer, the power heavily clad marauder.

Fallout 4 Outpost Zimonja


  • In the event that the Sole Survivor clears this area and cases it as a settlement, looters may remark amid their irregular discussions about its catch and the passing of Boomer and his team. They appear to be happy about Boomer’s passing.
  • Indeed, even in the wake of clearing the territory and making it a settlement, the auto turrets toward the south will, in any case, be unfriendly towards the Sole Survivor and pilgrims.
  • Regardless of having the capacity to scrap the shack connect in the settlement, the stairs prompting the extension can’t be rejected even with support charges as it is hard-coded into the landscape.
  • Starting at 1.3, the stairs can be expelled, however, it is precarious to do. On the other hand, starting at 1.94, one could scrap them with comfort charges.
  • The settlement as of now has an arrangement of controlled arches when the player character arrives.
  • Station Zimonja has one of the most noteworthy form tallness restricts in the amusement, with a greatest of 12 stories, outperformed just by Finch ranch’s 13, Graygarden’s 14 and Abernathy homestead’s 20 stories.

Outpost Zimonja Power Armor Settlement


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