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How to mod fallout 4 PC


Generally, there are two methods to mod Fallout 4. It is the choice of a player that which method he wants to use and which one he feel easy. If the person wants to know how to mod fallout 4 he must know about the following tips before getting. These are as following

The first step to mod the game is to make the backup of te game files, that also includes the loose configuration files. Fallout 4 files are present in program files containing the steam app.  In the steam app, there is the folder present with the name of common, it contains the fallout file, or it may be present in the documents folder contain the games folder where the file of fallout exists. By copying these files ensure the user in case of catastrophic failure there is no need to install the game again.

how to mod fallout 4 pc

Enabling of mods for fallout

In order to make the copy of the fallout friendly, the user has to change the few commands and there is need to edit two files. These files are present by default in fallout file which in turn is located in documents folder at c drive. The user has to replace the command STRINGS with another line to enable the mod.

Installing mods using NMM

After enabling the mod the next step that the user has to follow is to log into the nexus account to get the free download option. To log in, the user has to move to the manager window where profile icon is present. Click on it, after that the user will find the mod he wants to install, click on files tab to get the desired files. After that click on the download option with the manager, thus the installation is complete, read all the instruction and activate it by clicking on the enable mod.

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How to mod fallout 4 PC (video)

In case if the game crashes during this procedure the user can sort out the issues by opening the plug-in tab and confirm that the arrangement of the load order is correct.

Manual installation of mod

Sometimes installing mods may be frustrating and time taking but it helps the user. The mod files are present in the data folder of the game files. The directory is present in the steam app containing the common folder in which the fallout file is present. The data folder contains plug-in like.esm or.esp that are the game mods, copy these plug-in. Before launching the game, the user has to open the fallout launcher and then exist to enable the mod.

To ensure that mod is installed the user has to check manually by checking the data file in the app data folder in C drive. If the user is unable to get the app data folder there is no need to worry it is the hidden file present in the hidden file section, click on the Windows tab and click to the folder containing hidden files, there the player can get the app data folder and continue to proceed to next step.

In that folder open the Plugin.txt, there the user can find .esp or .esm file after successful installation of the mod.

The methods discussed above are easy and simple. The user can apply it to the installation of the mod on the PC. This is the simple setup that requires the editing of some sentences in order to install the new mods. The user who is fond of playing games can easily manage this installation and can enjoy their favorite game. It is important to follow the instructions carefully otherwise this setup may not work and the game may be crashed.

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