How to Install Fallout 4 Xbox Console Mods


The players who love to play the fallout shelter can install their mods in different devices. If they are using Xbox console the mod version is also available for it. a person who need the Fallout 4 Xbox console mod must have the latest version of the game.

How to get the mods?

The updated game has the feature of the mods. After that, the user has to log into the specific websites like that provides the list of mods for different game versions. The user has to enter his information to get access to the mod library to get it according to his requirement.

Selection for Fallout 4 Xbox console mods

There are a various number of mods available on the site. The person can read about the mod, reviews, download or rate it. The mods are arranged in different queues. The first row contains the list of already download mods, the second one if different modes which the user can elect to download it. Those who want to search the specific mods they can use libraries search function option. Mods are able to run the game through spawning items, weapons, settlements, clothing, and characters. They can also run from cheat also.

 How to Install Fallout 4 Mods on Xbox One


Mode enabling

After selecting the right mod for the game, click on download option to install, once the person has downloaded it, the next step is to enable the mod. The downloaded mod is present in the library section of the page, click on the enable option. As the person reopens the game we will get the modded game. Some mods work correctly if are present in right order, for that purpose it is important to change the sequence of the order according to the game requirement to run the modded game successfully.

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Limits of the mods

The Xbox console supports only the 2 gigabytes mods at one time. The user can check the capacity in the top right corner of the page. If there is low storage, the player can remove the excess mod and arrange those which he considered more important to play the game. In this way, he can get the space to install the mod of her requirement and he can enjoy the game

It is important to note that when a person installs these mods, the game creates the copy of the save file automatically, in this way unsafe file remain untouched. In case if something goes wrong with the saved file and the user is not able to run the mod, then he has the option or reference point in form of the copy file. He can save it and utilise for his game.

Different mods for Fallout 4 Xbox console

Different type of the game mods available are as following

Big one cheat mod

The mod is of small size but has different features that most people prefer. It provides different things like

  • God Mode
  • Infinite Ammo
  • Max Perk
  • Unlimited carry weight.

Fallout 4 Xbox Console Mods


The player can also utilise for lock picking, add weapons as well as add crafting material. There are many more features available for the player in this game mod.

Macho claws

This is an awesome mod that converts the death claws into the WWE superstar macho man. It is dumb as hell and the player can easily defeat these enemies.

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Renovated furniture

It is the mod that enables the player to change the look of their vaults and add the different look. about 120 different furniture items are present which the player can add and get the different look of the game.

How to Install Fallout 4 Xbox Console Mods

Fallout 4 mods are cool one can install them and can enjoy the game.

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How to Install Fallout 4 Xbox Console Mods
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