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How to Get Fallout 4 Mods?

Where to get the Fallout 4 PS4 mod free

After the long awaited time, Fallout 4 PlayStation 4 finally has mod support. To get started all you need to do is download game’s latest patch, which will add mod functionality to release. Once it’s done you will be able to hop on to new mod section through the main menu and you’ll be free to pick and choose the mods you want to download and install there.

How to get fallout 4 ps4 mods?

It is quite simply a process, you just need a little guidance. Here’s a quick guide on how to get Fallout 4 PS4 Mods?

Choose ‘Mods’ from the main menu

After you have installed the latest update, you would be able to see the new option on Fallout 4 menu which would be titled ‘ Mods’. Hit x on selecting it and you will be shown either a login screen on a downloading screen. If you are not logged in, you will have to sign up using your Bethesda account, if you don’t have it, you can create one on Bethesda.net

Getting to know the main mod screen

Once you have logged in you would be able to see the main mod screen which shows rows of mods available, uploaded by users. Mods would be sorted into categories such as Most Popular or Highest Rated. When you have found the mod that you like, simply hit ‘x’ to select and you’ll be taken to that mod’s page

Download your chosen mod

The chosen mod’s page would be split into two sections. On left, you would be able to see mod’s name, author’s name, file size, a picture and three options. On the right-hand side, you would find a description of mod written by creator or uploader.

Where to get the Fallout

The important parts are the three options on the left. Favorite, Download and Report. The favorite will allow you to keep an eye on the mod by adding it to your list. The report would let the team know if the mod has some faults or questionable content.

The download is the option that will add the mode to your game on selection. Once you hit Download the mod will start downloading and depending on size of the file it can take from few seconds to few minutes

Using the mod page

After you mod has been downloaded you would be able to see five options instead of three on left side of the page. The options would be Disable, delete and rate.

Disable would stop the mod from working till you enable it again. Delete would remove the mod completely and to get it you will have to download it again from the start. Through rate would let you evaluate mod out of 5 stars.

Load order

After you have downloaded the mod and returned back to the mod menu you should hit the triangle to load order screen. The screen will again split into two parts. On left you will have the list of downloaded mods and on the right, you would be able to see the space taken by each mod and how much you space might have left.

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Done and dusted

Once you are satisfied by you mod selections you can head out of the mod menu and return to the Game’s main menu. If everything went according to instructions, a message box will open on your screen that would read “The mod selection/ load order has changed. The game will now reload your data files.” Select OK and your game will start after loading.

Where to get the Fallout 4 PS4 mod

Through the mod system, the person can keep his system updated and can enjoy the different features of the game. A fallout shelter is a renowned game nowadays which is available on different devices like PC, Xbox, PS4, and IOS system. Each user can get the mod for the specific device and can may the game more interesting. The mods give the desired effect to the game and if the different number of mods is applied it will be beneficial. In order to save the game from crashing it is important to restart the game to activate the new mods.

Where to get the Fallout 4 PS4 Mod?

The mods are available on different websites. There are a present wide variety of the mods, these are basic, most rated and new additions. The player can download the mod of his choice or he can download different mods to gain more benefits from the game. It is important to add the proper sequence of the mod to activate properly otherwise it may not work.

After selecting the right mod for the game, the next step the player has to follow is to look through right screen short for a particular mod that may contain all the important information that can help the user during playing the game. After getting satisfied and reading full instructions hit on the download button to add the file in the library or download folder.

Once downloaded the next step is to load the correct order of the mod. On mod has an effect on the other mod so it is important to add the right sequence. There is present a triangle or y button, on clicking it the user can load the mod, there he has to drag the codes and arrange them in proper order. Usually, the mods can tell the user which one is to come first or where it is to be placed.

Different mods for PS4

The user has to reload the files from the main menu after arranging the mods. The reloading or starting the new game will provide the user updated version, in this way the player can enjoy the game with new features.

Different mods for PS4

Some of the common and interesting mods that the PS4 users love to download while playing fallout 4 are given below

Key nuker

It is the mod that helps the user to hide the keys and the password. This will make the game more interesting and the user can get some different benefits.

Workshop interactive objects

This mode will add more than 50 items for the inhabitants and the character will interact these objects. The player can get settlers that can

  • Repair cars, motorbikes, fridges, paint, walls and Nuka cola machines
  • Lean over balconies and sit over the toilet as well as read newspaper.

The mod is good for the user and the developers are trying to add more objects to make it more attractive.

OC decorator

It is another interesting mod for the PS4 as well as Xbox one user. It provides the user with different items that are used for decoration purpose. The player can place in different settlements, move them here and there. He also gets the option to scrap different items if he no longer needs them. There is the requirement to update this mod and developers are focussing on providing the user more decoratives to make the game more appealing.

These are the favorite mode of the player, they love to download for their PS4 fallout and can enjoy the game for hours by applying different modifications at different places.

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