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Fallout 4 grognak’s axe

Fallout 4 grognak's axe mod

In view of the weapon that Grognak the Barbarian uses the comic book arrangement of a similar name.

Grognak’s axe Background & Characteristics

Hits from this weapon cause more amazed and targets take drain harm. It additionally has a shrouded impact of less AP cost in V.A.T.S. (standard medium speed weapon, e.g. a Chinese officer sword, gets ~3 swings at 7 Agility, Grognak’s gets generally twice that)

Grognak’s axe  Location

Inside Hubris Comics, in a bolted showcase (Advanced), behind the front work area.


  • The weapon can’t be overhauled or renamed at a workbench.
  • Has a strangely low AP cost for a two-game weapon. Seems to have roughly an indistinguishable cost from a battle cut.
  • This weapon can likewise be prepared by Strong.

Step by step instructions to get Grognak The Barbarian’s hatchet and loincloth

Grognak, what is best in life? Swinging a severe hatchet and strutting about in a codpiece, that is the thing that.

Fallout 4 grognak's axe

There’s a lot of weapons laying the world over of Fallout 4, yet none more pined for than the hatchet of comic book legend Grognak The Barbarian.

Not exclusively would you be able to discover, prepare and utilize his hatchet in the amusement, but on the other hand, it’s conceivable to strut around in his loincloth for included savage realness.

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Grognak’s Ax is a fierce scuffle weapon, relegating an astounding 42 purposes of harm. It additionally influences foes to amaze and take drain harm. In the event that you need to take advantage of it, get the Swing For The Fences Perk which doles out additional skirmish harm and allows you to thump an adversaries weapon out of their hands.

The loincloth isn’t as energizing, yet it’s as yet a better than average bit of defensive layer, expanding quality and skirmish harm. Consolidate the greater part of the above and you’ll be deadly close by to-hand battle, doling out more than 50 purposes of harm.

Where to discover Grognak’s hatchet

You’ll discover Grognak’s Ax inside Hubris Comics. Here’s a little guide:

Hubris Comics is the area between Trinity Tower and Park St. Station and isn’t that a long way from Diamond City and that general accumulation of areas.

You can locate your own particular manner there, or you can do it as a component of the Silver Shroud mission which sends you to Hubris Comics. You begin that mission by getting the Shroud radio communicate and tailing it to a Good neighbour.

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Fallout 4 grognak's axe
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