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Fallout 4 Gray Garden

Fallout 4 Gray Garden

Gray Garden Background

Staffed by a fleet of Mister Handy robots, and drove by the three shading coded Supervisors by the name of White, Brown, and Greene, Fallout 4 Gray garden is an abundant nursery settlement and location for the Commonwealth.

It was established before the Great War by Dr. Edward Gray. Here the player character can exchange with Supervisor Greene, begin the mission Troubled Waters by addressing Supervisor White, while Supervisor Brown will compensate the player character for returning harvest tests from the Wasteland, which will make the Gray garden specialists start developing those yields and in addition their unique products.

Gray Garden Layout

Simply outside the nursery is a vast field of mutfruit which is tended to by two or three Mr. Handies and inside are a few growers loaded with corn, carrots, gourds, tatos and more mutfruit.

Due west of the primary office is two structures. The first is a little carport with arranged garbage segments and a toolkit. The western building, Gray garden residence, is a two-story house with an Expert bolted storm cellar containing a science station, grouped dishes, and a heartbeat mine. The kitchen has crumpled and is blocked off from inside the residence.

Gray Garden

The bridge above can be based upon, however, there is no current approach to get to it from the Gray garden settlement.


  • Director Brown
  • Director Greene
  • Director White
  • Mr. Handy robots

Prominent loot

Toward the east, there is a slammed Vertibird on the upper level of the interstate with some ammunition boxes underneath the bridge. Somewhat further east, close to the following parkway bolster arch, is a window washer style lift that lifts to the upper level. Stroll back towards Gray garden to discover a suite of energy protective layer.

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Gray Garden


  • Despite the fact that this settlement appears to be little, on account of the previous products and vast nursery devouring a large portion of the ‘floorspace’, one could simply ‘develop’ as both the lower and upper fragments of the bridge fall under the envelope of the settlement’s limits, enabling them to be based upon without breaking a sweat. (A few vehicles can’t be rejected, nor can the bond dividers be expelled.) Also, broken interstate sections are viewed as ‘in the limit’, so by making stairs, it is conceivable to work over the roadway.
  • Cosworth will demonstrate an inclination to Gray garden and preferences it when the Sole Survivor finishes missions there.
  • In the event that you begin working at the most reduced point in the settlement, it is conceivable to develop a structure up to 14 stories tall, in spite of the fact that it will be isolated by the expressway.
  • The nursery at Gray garden gives a brilliant supply of sustenance which can be transplanted to different settlements.
  • Should one experience difficulty finding a buddy here, there is a probability they are perched on a love seat over the parkway.
  • Since the occupants are for the most part robots, there is no genuine requirement for beds, nourishment, or water. Regardless of the possibility that all sustenance is taken away, the robots will keep on picking ceaselessly at where the plants used to be.

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