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Fallout 4 Gamma gun

Fallout 4 Gamma gun

The Fallout 4 gamma gun is an exceptionally rough weapon generally speaking, and seems to have been worked from rummaged garbage found all through the no man’s land. The “dish” of the weapon is a little metal bowl with some metal wiring running towards the middle and the focal lodging is a steel hexagonal structure with openings of differing size and shape. Grouped wiring, funnelling and other garbage juts out of the back of this structure, alongside the three gamma round cells organized in a triangular shape to finish everything. The hold has all the earmarks of being a handle-less spatula, welded onto a rectangular bit of metal pipe and stuck onto a bit of strong steel to join it with whatever remains of the weapon.

Fallout 4 Gamma gun

Indeed, even in their most essential shape, gamma weapons gloat impressive radiation harm. Obviously, this uncommon component implies most gamma firearms have little impact on robots, fiends, super mutants and the larger part of wild animals that torment the Commonwealth. Notwithstanding, most human adversaries have restricted radiation protection. Indeed, even the most vigorous people can regularly be crushed with a few impacts from a legitimately adjusted gamma firearm.

The gamma gundispatches a little impact of radiation harm that detonates on effect. Upon an immediate hit, the objective takes a huge dosage of radiation harming

The radiation-insusceptibility infiltrating harm likewise implies that the gamma weapon will at present do harm against radiation-invulnerable adversaries because of how radiation functions in Fallout 4, it will even accomplish more harm against radiation-safe foes than radiation safe.

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Fallout 4 Gamma gun

Because of the conceivably high measure of radiation harming the gamma firearm can do (upwards of 400 rads with a mix of Nuclear Physicist, mods and lighted unbelievable prefix), this weapon can be very successful against intense foes particularly on high challenges (since radiation harming is unaffected by trouble based harm extra/punishments), even with radiation protection. Specifically, amazingly abnormal state human adversaries may have near or more than a thousand wellbeing; as an extraordinary case a shot from a profound dish-modded and Nuclear Physicist-controlled Gamma Gun.

Damage TypeRadiation
Ammo TypeGamma round
Fire Rate90
SlotsDish, Grip, Muzzle
Weapon VersionsLorenzo's artifact
Zeta gun
Editor IDGammaGun
Base ID000ddb7c

With the electric flag transporter radio wires, the harm of the gamma firearm changes significantly; despite everything it does radiation harming on an immediate hit, yet now does a high measure of other harm that can be charged to do advance vitality harm. This basically implies while the weapon is still extremely viable against adversaries with high wellbeing or moderately low radiation protection, it likewise now does a lot of other harm to be valuable in for all intents and purposes every single other case.

The drawback to the weapon’s energy is the relative shortage of its ammo. While the Children of Atom – the essential group that uses the firearm – can be found in a significant number areas over the Commonwealth, they are imposing adversaries and convey just little measures of ammunition. Obtaining gamma rounds from arms merchants might be essential with a specific end goal to utilize the weapon routinely.

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Gamma gun Variants

  • Lorenzo’s Artifact firearm – extraordinary variation (really a standard gamma weapon with a novel Lorenzo’s Artifact weapon mod) that arrangements 25 focuses blast and 10 focus radiation harm for every hit and can cause noteworthy knockback on human targets.
  • Zeta firearm – like Lorenzo’s Artifact, the Zeta firearm is a standard gamma firearm with an exceptional “Zeta Wave Barrel” weapon mod. It fires a little red shot, causes 10 purposes of radiation harm, and can cause knockback.

Fallout 4 Gamma gun Locations

  • Possessed by Child of Atom cultists.
  • Rotted reactor site
  • Dartmouth Professional building
  • Kingsport Lighthouse

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Fallout 4 Gamma gun
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