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Fallout 4 Flare gun

Fallout 4 Flare gun

The Fallout 4 flare gun is a break-activity single-shot weapon that is not intended to bargain coordinate harm, but rather to summon close-by Minutemen for help. It can likewise pull in close-by Brotherhood of Steel Vertibirds. Discharging a flare straightforwardly at a foe will cause a little measure of harm, however, for all intents and purposes, each other weapon will yield better outcomes in the warmth of fight.

Fallout 4 Flare Gun modifications

The flare firearm is unmodifiable, as it is likely not planned as a battle weapon, and is proposed to be for all intents and purposes selective to the utilization of flagging Minutemen for help. It is ineffectively suited for lighting dim territories as the flare doesn’t adhere to a surface and has a period defer start.


There are right now no known variations of this weapon.

Flare Gun Locations

Fallout 4 Flare gun

The Sole Survivor is given a flare firearm by Preston Garvey subsequent to finishing the mission The First Step for the Commonwealth Minutemen.

Fallout 4 Flare gun

Damage10 + 110
Ammo TypeFlare
Editor IDFlareGun
Base ID001025ac

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Flare Gun Flare 2 N/A
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  • Should be inside the range, 3-4 delineate, of a “claimed” settlement to summon help.
  • On the off chance that a player is quite recently outside the range, they might have the capacity to effectively summon the NPCs by terminating towards the settlement, then again a player just inside range may neglect to summon their partners on the off chance that they fire the other way. For most solid outcomes, the firearm ought to be pointed towards the settlement
  • Subsequent to finishing the primary story with the Minutemen, the flare firearm is considerably more valuable and can be utilized as a part of numerous more areas. It at that point must be let go inside the scope of a settlement or one of the numerous Minutemen-involved checkpoints.
  • Summons between 3-6 Minutemen NPCs. They can be of the variable level, yet most will be level 1.
  • Can be utilized once every 24 in-amusement hours.
  • On terminating your flare for help, if an extent, they will send up another flare additionally in light of letting you know they are approaching.
  • Not at all like the past form have the flare touches off/explodes after a little time delay.
  • The flare weapon serves almost no capacity on The Island, as the Minutemen have no ward there, and can’t be utilized as a part of that zone to summon fortifications.
  • Can’t store a flare firearm on a weapon rack.
  • Just a single flare firearm is given to the player character in the diversion.

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