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Fallout 4 Far harbor location

fallout 4 far harbor location

Far Harbor is a harbor town in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor. It is home to the Harbor men and ladies, a settlement very much protected against The Island’s wild animals and one of the last not devoured by the Fog.


It is suggested by numerous inhabitants of the town of Far Harbor had been an unmistakable settlement for some, numerous years, with the Fog just as of late has turned into an issue. A large portion of the general population inhabit the docks as Harbor men and ladies, with their essential cautious capacities being meat snares, spear firearms, and lever-activity rifles. The settlement was initially occupied by, and in fact, is “claimed” by The Mariner.

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At, to begin with, there were relatively few individuals to discuss on the docks. Be that as it may, as the Fog turned out to be more unsafe, it constrained many individuals of their own particular grounds and into the town of Far Harbor, expanding the populace, and contradiction among the occupants. In 2287, Far Harbor is driven by Captain Avery, an adamant, solid willed lady.

Fallout 4 Far Harbor Locations Chart

Aldersea Day Spa Atom's Spring
Fringe Cove docks Eagle's Cove tannery
Echo Lake Lumber Emmet's Causeway
Eden Meadows Cinemas Far Harbor
Horizon Flight 1207 Acadia National Park
Harbor Grand Hotel Cranberry Island docks
Kitteredge Pass Haddock Cove
Longfellow's cabin Nakano residence
Cranberry Island Bog Huntress Island
Glowing Grove Pine Crest Cavern
Ruined radio tower Red Death Island
Oceanarium Cranberry Island
DiMA's cache Waves Crest Orphanage
Wind Farm Maintenance Southwest Harbor
Basement armory MS Azalea
Zephyr Ridge Camp Kawaketak Station
The Nucleus Vim! Pop factory
Nucleus Command Center The Vessel
Cliff's Edge Hotel Vault 118
Old Pond House Pump control
Rayburn Point Radiant Crest Shrine
Ruined church Rock Point camp
National Park HQ Northwood Ridge Quarry
Cranberry Island supply shed Dalton farm
National Park Visitor's Center National Park campground
Children of Atom shrine Briney's Bait and Tackle
Beaver Creek Lanes Brooke's Head Lighthouse
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The Island is genuinely substantial, however, more spread out as far as areas, as a great part of the island is a muddy swamp loaded with destroyed boats, split streets, and Cliffside properties since a long time ago annihilated.

There are three principal group towns on the Island, all of which are situated in the fundamental to the eastern side of the island, and in addition, a couple of settlements likewise arranged around the northern to the eastern side of the island.


The docks make up the settlement. The commercial center comprises of three dealers, Allen Lee, the gunsmith; Brooks, the general trader and a synth; and Teddy Wright, the doctor. The Last Plank is at the very end of the town and fills in as its lone bar. Simply outside the Last Plank is the thing that gives off an impression of being a substantial bubbling pot containing a dead mire lurk.

This is apparently the settlement’s principle sustenance source. The town is encased by the Hull, a divider kept up by The Mariner. The Hull can be updated through the discretionary missions for The Mariner by furnishing her with control instruments, securing the body of the MS Azalea, and acquiring three mires lurk carapaces. The town’s water supply originates from a trio of water purifiers in a lake south of the town.

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In the event that the Sole Survivor wishes, they can crush Far Harbor by closing down the breeze turbine at Wind Farm Maintenance in the mission cleansing the Land. They will then have the capacity to watch the decimation of Far Harbor, as it is assaulted by fishers, haze crawlers, and gulpers. Some harbor men and ladies will at present be alive, however, will be antagonistic.

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Fallout 4 Far harbor location
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