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A fallout shelter is becoming one of the favourite games of the players because of its incredible features and the game strategies. The expert players always focus on the tips and tricks that help them to proceed towards next phase and the high levels of the games, while the beginners need help to chase the levels. There is a variety of things present in the games that help the player to fight against the enemies and to get towards the high levels. Fallout shelter unlimited lunchboxes are beneficial items that contain different products inside it including the weapons, caps, armours and much more related to the game. If the person gets these lunchboxes he will definitely get the advantage of it. In order to obtain these lunchboxes, the player can follow the guidelines discussed below

fallout shelter unlimited lunchboxes

Fallout shelter unlimited lunchboxes

It is the most amazing surprise that the player gets from the game as it contains a number of items that are amazing and help the player in different levels. These goodies include

  • Caps
  • Power
  • Water
  • Energy
  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Outfits
  • Equipment.

The player gets different items at different levels which he can utilise to fight against the death claws as well as for building rooms.

fallout shelter unlimited lunchboxes apk

Completion of quest

The best way to get these lunchboxes is the completion of the quest, more the levels or quest the player win more are the chances to win the lunchboxes. Although at high levels to win the quest may become difficult but the little effort can make able to win the reward.

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Lunchbox glitch

The users who are unable to complete the quest can use the glitch or trick to get it, for this purpose he has to choose the right objective in the start of the game as for example choosing the objective of a collection of the items. In that case, he can use the time lapse cheat, for this purpose he can do time setting, on the setting menu go for the auto time adjustment on the phone, this trick is helpful for the IOS users. The player has to set the time ahead so that are the collections are ready, after setting the try to reopen the game and collect all the items the player needs.

Trying another quest

If the person runs out of the lunchbox quest he must try another quest like cap quest in this way he gets the list of the other quest keep on playing the games until the lunchbox quest appears again. In this way, he can collect his favourite items.

The player can use the online method to get the lunchboxes and caps. Simply he has to log in to the site and has to enter the number of items he wants to generate, by filling the online mini biodata form he can get an unlimited number of lunchboxes.

The lunchboxes sometimes do not come early and it is hard for a player to get them easily, by using different ways he can catch them without any difficulty. A fallout shelter is an amazing game with a lot of levels and the quests, the user has to make the strategy to chase these levels to get the items they need to win the game and proceed to next levels. Fallout shelter hacks are required for new players as they enter to new vault. They can use the easy tips and tricks to get the lunchboxes, by using these hacks the player can keep the dweller strong and healthy, the player can open the unlimited lunchboxes to get the rare items that can help in the game.

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