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The fallout shelter is the game filled with a lot of surprises and the incredible features. The game lovers get completely involves in the game if they understand the main purpose of the game. They apply different tips and strategies to win the reward and to fight against the death claws. As they enter new vault they face different challenges and new actions are required to chase the level and proceed to next stage. Fallout shelter PC trainer is the special helper that helps the players especially beginners to understand about the game and get the rewards as well as to fight against the enemies present in the game. Some of the famous PC trainers are discussed below.

fallout shelter pc trainer


Fallout Shelter V1.6 Plus 17 Trainer

It is an excellent trainer that guides the user about different features of the game. It may not work with the game that is not original. The trainer provides the both free download as well as the premium download option. The user can download the file and can use the trainer to play the game easily. Some of the keys that can help the user are as follows:

fallout shelter PC trainer android


NUM2Zero radiation
NUM5Maximum stats
NUM7Lack of plague rats
NUM8RUSH always succeed
NUM9Lunch boxes do not destroy
HOMEDisabling of features

These cheats and trainer work with the specific version of the game, the user has to make sure that the game is original and compatible with the trainer; otherwise, it will be wastage of time as the trainer will not work with the game that is not compatible with the file.

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fallout shelter pc cheat engine

Mega trainer

By using this trainer the player can get a different number of items that he can utilise at different levels of the game. This grant the user playful freedom the user can do whatever he wants. The codes protect the dwellers from the enemies and provide such strategies that can help the player in all aspects of the game. Playing with the Mega trainer will save the dwellers as well as they can live happily and free from enemies. By utilising this trainer the player can get following benefits:

  • Surprises and events
  • Unlimited lunchboxes
  • Caps
  • Foods
  • Energy
  • Prizes and awards
  • Rooms over rooms


The trainer is compatible with IOS, windows and android system. It is important that the user has the original game because the trainer is not compatible with the copy mode. The trainer provides the beautiful graphic styles as well as the playful possibilities so that the player can enjoy in every respect. Some important keys that can help the player are as follows.


Ctrl+F1Prepare for vaults
Ctrl+F2Gives 1000 caps
Ctrl+F3Increase the food
Ctrl+F4Increase the energy
Ctrl+F5Increase water sources
Ctrl+F6Increase stim packs
Bronze memberNo room disaster
Silver memberInfinite resources

The trainer is specific for certain version of games; originally it is compatible with the European or the German version of the game. Before downloading the user must be sure that he has the true form of the game as the trainer is not for the copy mode of the game. To use the trainer the player has to take membership. In case if the trainer does not work the player can take help from the official website or can use FAQ help to get the guideline related to it. The beginners can take help of these trainers and can enjoy the game as well as utilise the best features of the best game.

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