Tips and Tricks to Effectively Use the Fallout Shelter PC Cheats


It won’t be much of an exaggeration to state that Fallout Shelter was among the most top rated games released in the year 2015. It certainly is the most addictive game you’ll ever come across. Why? It’s because in this game you will be in charge of building and handling a state of the art underground vault. In the post-apocalyptic world, you are responsible for maintaining a life under the wretched post nuclear earth. You will be exploring the “wasteland” along with the threats it holds and the potential to grow your vault bigger and better and keeping your inhabitants happy and well. But there is one issue to the entire game. It is not easy for you to collect the life sustaining supplies (lunchboxes, water, caps, weapons etc.) in the game. So here we have a couple of Fallout Shelter Cheats Android and Fallout Shelter PC Cheats for to fuel up your game experience.

Fallout Shelter PC Cheats

  • Inexpensive Way to remove Rocks:

Select a building structure you want to build. For the next step of selecting where to place it, try not to select a place that is empty. In its place select, start eliminating the rocks till the time you are almost out of money. Now go on and place your building structure anywhere you want to. The rocks have already been removed and now when you put up buildings in here, you will not be asked for any more payments for removing them.

  • Time Lag:

This exploit is the most commonly used as Fallout Shelter Cheats Android and also for Fallout Shelter PC Cheats. This actually lets you boost the all of the timed events of the game to finish instantly. Here is how to use this hack:

  • Send your best-equipped dwellers out to the Wastelands. There might be some room under construction in your vault. Let them and everything else stay under the completion process.
  • Once that is done, close the game completely, making sure it is not running in the background either.
  • Now head to your device’s date and time settings. De-select the option “Set Time Automatically” to turn it off.
  • Once your clock is set to be handled manually, fast forward your device’s time by complete 24 hours.
  • Come back and open your game. You will now notice that your “under process” events have been complete (instantly). Collect all the redeemed items.
  • Now look for any drained out dwellers and revive them.
  • Log out of your game once again and bring back your date and time setting to normal.
  • Keep on repeating this again and again and as much as you like to stock up on lunchboxes, caps, weapons, outfits etc. in just a single sitting.
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How To Hack Fallout Shelter With Cheat Engine


Codes for Fallout Shelter Cheats Android and Fallout Shelter PC Cheats:

With the above-mentioned exploits and tricks, how about some extra help. Yes, we are talking about some fun codecs to use in your game to redeem some extra goodies.

These are the codes for all the in-app purchases and are absolutely free to be downloaded and used in your game. These are 100% tried and tested for a safe usage and are compatible with most of the mobile software.


Type of Cheat


1.Single Lunchbox3lLdwgQlQp
2.Package of 5 Lunchboxesvl3RZpeKtj
3.Package of 15 LunchboxesVzeOhOcKdf
4.Package of 40 LunchboxeskMX8k7IVPO
5.Buy back Mr HandycGagb4gpJl
6.Pack of 5 Mr Handy’sezO8ooW3KD
7.Starter PackG3EbkwUfz2
8.Buy Pet Carrier1haIcMLR6o
9.Bundle of 5 Pet CarriersnDHo7rxL2x
10.Bundle of 15 Pet Carriers0tlEAK1za5


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