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Fallout Shelter Lunchbox Glitch PC 2017


Fallout Shelter – the game that gripped the gaming audiences across the globe right from the time it released back in the year 2015. The game allows you to completely manage and run an underground vault in a post-apocalyptic environment with taking care of everything from the wellbeing of the inhabitants to the threats of the nuclear outbreak. But as challenging this game is it can get exasperating to collect the basic necessities to progress in the game. So to help you avoid that, here are some of the glitches that some users have found to be useful. Like making use of the Fallout Shelter Cheat Engine or making the most of the simple Fallout Shelter Lunchbox Glitch. Feel free to use them since they don’t require a jailbreak or any download or any in-app purchasing.

Fallout Shelter Lunchbox Glitch

Fallout Shelter Lunchbox Glitch #1:

If you are starting a new game and setting up a new vault, this glitch is for you. When you are setting up a vault, a tutorial mode is seen. Normally these models don’t last forever and get finished as soon as certain objectives are completed. But if certain objectives are left alone then this tutorial mode can last for as long as you want and the quests will deliver all the goodies again and again and again. Here is how:

If you do not complete the following objectives of 1. Give a dweller an item that can be a weapon or outfit and 2. Send an item.

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But if you need to, you can always equip one of your dwellers with any item but always remember not to collect the reward for the objective’s completion. And viola’ you can claim all the rewards of the other objectives that the tutorial mode has to offer.

fallout shelter lunchbox glitch 2017fallout shelter lunchbox glitch 2017

Glitch 2 for Fallout Shelter: Speed up Time-Dependent Tasks:

This is one of the most famous glitches for gaining greater rewards in lesser time. This is how it works:

Send some of your explorers out to the wastelands. Equip them with items to increase their endurance. Once this is done, log out of the game and completely shut it down and make sure it is not running in the background as we. Now go to your phone’s settings and set your cell phone’s clock a complete 24 hours ahead in time. You can easily do this by selecting the settings tab of your phone, then click on the general settings tab to open the time and date options. Select the option to set the time manually by deselecting the “Set Time Automatically” tab. Now go ahead and set your clock to a day fast forwarded in time.

Now go back and start your game again. As soon as you reach the main screen you will see it being completely crowded. You might be having notifications for baby/babies being born, if there were any under construction room they would now be completed and ready to receive resources and alike. Check on for the exploring party of dwellers, most of them might be needed to revive. Revive them and call them back to the vault. Once back you will notice the epic items they are in possession of.

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You can make use of this Fallout Shelter Lunchbox Glitch for not just getting hold of the lunch boxes but also for caps, weapons, and other limited rewards. Plus there is another catch to it, you can repeat and use this glitch again and again – as many times you want in a single sitting and fast forward time to gain rewards.

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