fallout shelter ios hack

Fallout is an interesting game and it keeps the player to play it for hours because of the unlimited adventure and levels present in the game. In order to play a vault dwelling game, the user needs to follow different tips and strategies to proceed for next level. The player can use the beginner’s tip to understand the theme of the game as well by a proper understanding of how to play will help the player to proceed to next stage but also he will enjoy the game. Those who struck in the game can use the following hacks. Fallout shelter cheats IOS and PC are discussed below that can help the player in every manner.

Fallout shelter cheats IOS and PC

Infinite cash

This is the best Fallout shelter PC cheats in which the user can get infinite cash by stealing from Killian dark water or Junk town, after stealing the person has saved the game and after that reload it. The person can use this cheat as many times he wants.

Get 1000 exp

This is another cheat that person can get as many times he wants. The player has to go to the previous screen in order to kill the mother death claw and get the eggs after that proceed back to the Gunrunners. Talk to Gabriel and select the &quot. After receiving the ex-return to the screen where death claws were present and return to the Gabriel, in this way the person will receive the 1000 EXP. The person can repeat the procedure as many times he wants.

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Hidden items

During the night time encounter, the person will find the beer bottle beside the campfire. The user simply has to apply his steal skills to capture the bottle; inside the bottle, the player will find many items like flares, armour or 44 Magnum etc.

Cheats for IOS users

In order to proceed to next level in a fallout shelter, the person can use following steps. Allow the dweller to sit for two hours at wasteland, make sure he is well trained and deal well. After that note the last loot item which the dweller got from the location. After that send 3 to 5 random dwellers and let them stay there for 10 minutes, after sending them to close the game but keep it running in the background. Wait for few minutes and reopen the game, the dwellers will have possessed many items.

fallout shelter ios hack

Rock removal

For this fallout shelter cheats the player has to hit the building he wants to build and then choose the place where the player wants to build, there is no need to pay, simply remove the rocks to make the place of the building, the rocks will give the place and the player does not need to pay money for this purpose.

Time lapse

The player can change the time of the game for that purpose he does not need to wait. For this purpose visit setting, then general and after that set date and time auto option, disable it. It is important that all rooms are ready for collection when the person applies new settings.

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All the cheats discussed above are useful and a little bit tricky, the player apply them carefully then he can get the benefits and can proceed other level and also gets many rewards by applying these hacks. The fallout cheats for the PC and IOS are easy to get the person has to make little effort to get them and apply them to the game. This is an interesting way to proceed for next levels and enjoy the unlimited fun.

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Fallout shelter cheats IOS and PC
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