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Get a List of Fallout 4 Pistols, Dual wield pistols and many another kind of Fallout WeaponsThis is a rundown of all Fallout 4 weapons that consider guns, regardless of whether vitality or ballistic, and those that - when unmodified - advantage from the Gunslinger Perk. Huge numbers of them can be changed to be programmed, or even rifles, and that would influence them to work with Commando or Rifleman, individually. This page records every one of the Pistols in the amusement. Notwithstanding the base models of every weapon, there are unbelievable variations with interesting advantages and areas.

Fallout 4 Pistols



.44 Pistol485.2
10mm Pistol213.5
Alien Blaster502.5
Flare Gun1102
Gamma Gun1103
Institute Pistol153.9
Lasor Pistol273.5
Pipe Bolt-Action Pistol343.8
Pipe Pistol152.3
Pipe Revolver Pistol284.2

.44 Pistol

Can be plundered from dead Triggermen .A snubnosed .44 gun might be found in Hardware Town on a table with a crate and wine bottle in a room upstairs. Can be plundered from Railroad Heavies amid The Battle of Bunker Hill alongside the required ammunition.

10MM Pistol

It can be found at Vault 111 or Dropped by marauders at low levels.

Gamma Pistols

It is Owned by Child of Atom cultists. Found in Decayed reactor site, Dartmouth Professional building, Kingsport Lighthouse

Laser Pistol

Regularly utilized by Gunners. Standard issue for Brotherhood of Steel fighters. Utilized by super mutants at more elevated amounts. Aside from offering the Old Faithful, Arturo offers three more. Infrequently one will have a cheated capacitor.

Pipe Revolver Pistol

A pipe gun can be found on the floor, before the work area, on the second floor of the wooden working at Bedford Station. A sparkle located overwhelming gun variant can be found on a capacity storage room retire on the ground floor of ArcJet Systems. Scratch Valentine conveys a pipe gun as his own weapon. Can be found in specific compartments as irregular plunder by low-level player characters

Plasma Pistol

Unbelievable plasma weapons begin dropping at level 24. Level 3 weapon shops in settlements dependably have three available to be purchased. More elevated amount Gunners are now and then furnished with plasma firearms.

Flare Gun

The Sole Survivor is given a flare weapon by Preston Garvey in the wake of finishing the mission The First Step for the Commonwealth Minutemen.

Fallout 4 Flare gun

The Fallout 4 flare gun is a break-activity single-shot weapon that is not intended to bargain coordinate harm, but rather to summon close-by Minutemen...

Fallout 4 Deliverer

The Fallout 4 Deliverer is a one-game gun loaded for 10mm ammo that accompanies the "V.A.T.S. Improved impact. It wears the most elevated harm...

Fallout 4 Alien Blaster Pistol

Fallout 4 Alien blaster pistol is exceptionally modern in appearance, with a chrome and red paintwork. It shoots blue electrical discharges and arrangements 50 harm...

Fallout 4 .44 pistol

The Fallout 4 .44 pistol is a twofold activity gun, loaded in the .44 Magnum cartridge, with a blued complete and wooden grasps. It...

Fallout 4 10mm pistol

The Fallout 4 10mm Pistol is one of the main weapons got inside Vault 111, found next to the remaining parts of the security faculty...