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Fallout 4 weapons are an upgrade and work better than the old ones. All Fallout weapons can work as a legendary variant with single special effect. Pistols are small but only require one hand to fire; Rifles are longer than average size and require two hands to fire. The most powerful ones are heavy guns but they are large and bulky. Fallout 4 weapons list also include semi-automatic and bolt action weapons, automatic weapons that can fire continuously when the trigger is pulled. The new features of Gameplay include the ability to build settlements. The player can scrap objects and structure for resources within the boundaries of settlement and build their own structures like vegetable gardens, housing, stores, defences and crafting stations. The player can achieve new perks at each level up, and the game allows more freedom the player to allow him for more experience in exploring and combat.

Fallout 4 Weapons List

Fallout 4 Weapons
Pistols11 Pistols in Fallout 4
Sub-machine GunsDIfferent types of Guns
Explosives18 Number of Explosive
Rifles13 Main Rifles
Melee Weapons19 Melee Weapons list
Heavy Weapons18 Heavy Weapons Guide
Unique Weapons47 Amazing Unique Weapons Guide
Legendary Weapon Effects40 Effects for legendary Weapons in Fallout 4
Other Weapons7 Extra Weapons

Fallout 4 Pistols



.44 Pistol485.2
10mm Pistol213.5
Alien Blaster502.5
Flare Gun1102
Gamma Gun1103
Institute Pistol153.9
Lasor Pistol273.5
Pipe Bolt-Action Pistol343.8
Pipe Pistol152.3
Pipe Revolver Pistol284.2

Fallout 4 Rifles

Pipe Rifle132.8
Pipe Bolt-Action Rifle344.8
Pipe Revolver Rifle245.4
Hunting Rifle284.2
Combat Rifle3311.1
Sniper Rifle--
Institute Rifle154.8
Plasma Rifle10014.4
Laser Musket3012.6
Laser Rifle244.5
Gauss Rifle11015.8
Assault Rifle5011.1
Syringer Rifle-6.2

Melee Weapons

Baseball Bat253
Chinese Officer Sword223
Grognak's Axe3510
Lead Pipe153
Pipe Wrench182
Pool Cue181
Revolutionary Sword223
Rolling Pin151
Super Sledge5620
Tire Iron192
Walking Cane142

Fallout 4 Explosives

Baseball Grenade1011
Bottlecap Mine3010.5
Cyro Mine1010.5
Cryogenic Grenade1010.5
Fragmentation Grenade1510.5
Fragmentation Mine1010.5
Molotov Cocktail510.5
Plasma Grenade1500.5
Plasma Mine1500.5
Pulse Mine1500.5
Artillery Smoke Grenade10.5
Synth Relay Grenade10.5
Vertibird Signal Grenade105
HalluciGen Gas Grenade11
Homing Beacon11
Institute Beacon10.5
Institute EM Pulse Grenade10.5
Nuka Grenade3010.5

Heavy Weapons List

Fat Man46830.7
Gatling Laser1419.3
Junk Jet4029.9
Missile Launcher15021

Other Fallout 4 Weapons

Submachine Gun1012.7
Double-Barrel Shotgun459
Double-Barrel Shotgun5011.1
Boxing Glove121
Deathclaw Gauntlet3510
Power Fist284

Unique Weapons

2076 World Series Baseball BatPotentially launch targets in the air.
AshmakerMay light enemies on fire.
Automatic Laser MusketCapable of automatic fire.
AX90 FuryDeal 50% more damage on Super Mutants.
Big BoyAdditional projectiles.
Big JimIncrease the chance to cripple target's leg by 20%.
Death From AboveMovement is 75% faster while aiming.
Deathclaw GauntletNone.
DelivererImproved VATS hit chance, 25% less Action Point Coast.
Eddie's PeaceExtra limb damage.
Experiment 18-A25% faster fire rate, 15% faster reload.
Final Judgment25% faster fire rate, 15% faster reload
Final Judgment25% faster fire rate, 15% faster reload
Furious Power FistIncreased damage after each consecutive hit.
General Chao's RevengeDeal 50% more damage on robots.
Good IntentionsCritical hits cause target to frenzy.
Grognak's AxeTargets take bleed damage, more stagger.
HalluciGen Gas GrenadeChance to frenzy targets for 60 seconds.
Homing BeaconCall's down a missile strike from Zao's sub.
Institute BeaconSummon Synths.
Junk JetNone.
JusticeChance to stagger on hit.
Kellog's PistolRefills Action Points on Critical Hit.
Kremvh's ToothTargets bleed and are poisoned.
Les Fusil TeriblesDeals 25% more damage, no recoil.
Lorenzo's ArtifactUses telekinesis to push targets away.
Old FaithfulDouble damage on targets with full health.
Overseer's GuardianShoots an additional projectile.
PartystarterDeals 50% more damage on humans.
Pickman's BladeSneak attacks increase damage, targets bleed.
Prototype UP77 "Limitless Potential"Unlimited ammo capacity.
Railway RifleNone.
Reba IIDeals 50% more damage on Mirelurksand bugs.
Reckoning15% less damage while standing still.
Righteous AuthorityCritical shots do double damage, meter fills 15% faster.
Rockville SluggerAction Points cost 40% less.
Sentinel's PlasmacasterDouble damage on targets with full health.
Shem Drowne's SwordDeals radiation damage.
Spray 'n' Pray15 damage points in damage effect.
Survivor's SpecialThe lower your health, the greater the damage.
The GainerTarget is set of fire, 15 damage points.
The Last MinuteDeals 50% more limb damage.
Tinker Tom SpecialIncreases VATS accuracy but costs more Action Points.
Virgil's RifleDeals 50% more damage to Super Mutants.
Wastelander's FriendDeals 50% more limb damage.
Wazer WifleUnlimited ammo.

Legendary Weapon Effects

Assassin's50% more damage against humans
AutomaticAutomatic fire mode
Berserker'sMore damage the lower your damage resistance is
BloodiedMore damage the lower your health is
Cavalier's15% less damage while blocking or sprinting
Crippling50% more limb damage
EnragingCritical hits cause target to frenzy
ExplosiveBullets explode on impact doing 15 area effect damage
Exterminator's50% more damage against Mirelurks and bugs
Freezing10 points cryo damage and will freeze targets on critical hits
FuriousDamage increase after each hit on same target
Ghoul Slayer's50% more damage against Ghouls
Hunter's50% more damage against animals
IncendiarySets target on fire for 15 points of damage
Instigating2x damage if the target is at full health
Irradiated50 points additional radiation damage
Junkie'sDamage increase more withdrawal affects you are suffering
Kneecapper20% chance to cripple the target's leg
Lucky WeaponCritical shots do double damage and the critical meter fills 15% faster
Medic'sHeals targets instead of hurting them
Mutant Slayer's50% more damage against Super Mutants
Never EndingUnlimited ammo capacity
Nimble75% faster movement while aiming
NocturnalDoes increasing amounts of damage as the night grows longer and less damage during the day
PenetratingIgnores 30% of the target's damage and energy resistance
Plasma InfusedAdds 10 points of energy damage and can turn enemies into goo
Poisoner'sTarget is poisoned for 10 seconds
PowerfulProvides 25% more damage
QuickdrawCosts 25% fewer Action Points
RapidProvides 25% faster fire rate, 15% faster reload
RelentlessRefills your Action Points on a critical hit
Sentinel's15% less damage while standing and not moving
StaggeringChance to stagger on hit
Stalker'sIf you are not yet in combat, increases VATS accuracy but costs more AP
Troubleshooter'sDoes 50% more damage against robots
Two ShotShoots an additional projectile
VATS EnhancedImproved VATS hit chance, 25% less Action Point cost
VATS Enhanced40% less Action Point cost
ViolentDeals +25% damage and limb damage, but has more recoil
WoundingTargets bleed for 25 points of additional damage

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