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Fallout 4 Weather Commands

Fallout 4 Weather commands

This guide will disclose how to shoot fireworks and change the climate by Fallout 4 weather commands. Players will require the Fallout 4 Contraptions Workshop DLC to get to the climate changing shells required for this component.

How to Change the Weather Using Fireworks?

With the Fallout 4 Contraptions Workshop DLC, players would now be able to modify the climate to coordinate their inclination in only a couple of steps. This climate change highlight includes utilizing uncommon sorts of mortar shells found in the Fireworks subsection of the Chemistry Station. For this guide, we will clarify the means for creating these climate-changing shells and how to utilize them.

Keeping in mind the end goal to change the Fallout 4 weather utilizing Weather Change Shells, you should first form a Firework Mortar. At your settlement, raise the Workshop interface and explore to Power > Miscellaneous. Here you will discover two sorts of Firework Mortars, vertical and calculated. The two sorts can be made with similar segments: Wood x 2, Steel x 2, and Asbestos x 1.

Fallout 4 Weather commands

Fallout 4 Weather commands/Codes

0000015E DefaultWeather 0000116B FXDiamondSunlightBounce
0000116D DiamondWeather 0000116E DiamondWeatherPastel
000016EC 1stWeather 00029BB8 FXWthrSunlightOffAtNight
000747C8 FXConcord01 002486A4 CommonwealthClear_VBFoq
002392A6 CommonwealthSanctuaryclearBackup 0023A89C CommonwealthClearBackup2
002392A5 CommonwealthMistbackup 002392A4 CommonwealthGSFoggybackup
002392A3 CommonwealthGSRadstormBackup 002392A2 CommonwealthFoqquackup
002385FB CommonwealthDarkSkies2 002385FD CommonwealthClear2
00225922 CommonwealthSanctuaryClearNoAttach 00226448 CommonwealthDarkSkies3
0021A563 CommonwealthClearTrailer1 0022239A CommonwealthRainBackup
0021A564 CommonwealthClearTrailer2 00222394 CommonwealthGSRadstormOld
002115D7 CommonwealthMisthaianackup 00216A98 CommonwealthClearBackup
001F61FD CGPrewarNukeFXWeather 00211221 VideoVaultExit
001F61A1 CommonwealthDusty 0020F46C CommonwealthOvercastBackup
001EB2FF CommonwealthPolluted 001F2529 CommOvercastTest2
001D67oE CommonwealthClearestSkies 001E5E60 CommonwealthDarkSkies
001CC186 CommonwealthMisty 001CD096 CommonwealthMistyRainy
001CA7E4 CommonwealthRain 001D1CEC FXWthrSunliqhtOffAtNiqhtBlack
001C8556 CommonwealthOvercast 001C3D5E CommonwealthGSRadstorm
001A6994 CommonwealthSanctuaryClearNukeFoq 001C3473 CommonwealthFoggy
001A65F0 DefaultInteriorWeather 001BD481 CommonwealthGSFoqqy
00191647 FXWthrInvertDayNiqhtGS 001A65E5 ConcMuseumWeather
00141AB4 FXWthrSunliqhtWhiteBounce 00171621 DefaultlnteriorWeatherNoLUT
0012A18E CommonwealthSanctuaryClear 00171636 FXWthrSunliqhtOffAtNiqhtGlass
001209AF NeutralOvercast 001256FB FXNukeWeather
0010F781 TCommonwealthMarshOvercast 00115C64 GoodneighborWeatherBase
000FF98F PrewarPlayerHouseInteriorWeather 0010E3D4 EditorCloudPreview
00108640 FXInstituteDayNightCycle 0010D573 FXInstituteDayNightCycleKey
000DB2A1 MQ203Weather 000F1033 CommonwealthGSOvercast
00096C61 FXWthrMorningOnly 000A6858 WorldMapWeather
000A1588 NeutralWeather 000777CF FXWthrInvertDayNighWa rm
00076A58 FXConcord01OffatNight 00088C57 FXWthrMoonliqhtOnly
0007548F FXWthrSunlight 00075491 FXWthrSunliqhtWhite
0002852A CommonwealthClear 0006ED5A FXWthrInvertDayNight &
002486A5 CommonwealthOvercast_VBFoq

Art a Firework Mortar and place it someplace on your settlement, ideally beside a Generator, since it needs a power source. You can likewise connect a Terminal or Switch in the middle of the mortar and the power source to set the mortars to a clock, or enact different mortars with a solitary switch pull. Run a wire from the Generator to a Terminal or Switch, at that point interface another wire to the Firework Mortar. Play around with your setup to advance how you need to set off the mortars.

When you finish the Firework Mortar setup, you should assemble a few shells to shoot in the mortar. Firecrackers shells can be made at a Chemistry Station or with a Pyrotechnics Mill. Head toward your Chemistry Station and select the Fireworks classification.

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Firecrackers arrive in an assortment of hues and sorts. To change the climate, you should choose from the Weather Change Shells close to the base of the rundown. There are three sorts of climate change shells: Rain, Radstorm, and Clear. You can likewise create an Emergency Flare Shell, which can be utilized to bring in fortifications.

Clear Weather Shell: Adhesive x 1, Cloth x 1, Fertilizer x 1, Gold x 1

Rain Weather Shell: Adhesive x 1, Cloth x 1, Fertilizer x 1, Silver x 1

Radstorm Weather Shell: Adhesive x 1, Cloth x 1, Fertilizer x 1, Nuclear Material x 1

When you have made a couple of Weather Change Shells, it’s an ideal opportunity to test them out. Approach your Firework Mortar and select Transfer. Select the sort of mortar shells you need the mortar to discharge and move them into the Firework Mortar stockpiling. The Weather Change Shells can be found inside the My Misc segment of your stock.

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Subsequent to setting shells into your Fireworks Mortars, you are currently prepared to set them off. Draw the Switch to enact your mortars, or utilize the Terminal control board on the off chance that you have one shared. On the off chance that everything is set up legitimately, your Fireworks Mortar will dispatch your Weather Change Shell into the air, causing a puff of smoke in the sky. After a couple of minutes, the climate change will happen.

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