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How to Get Fallout 4 Vault Suit Mod

Fallout 4 Vault Suit Mod

Vault suits are the clothes of the dwellers in the fallout shelter game. In fallout 4 they wear the vault jumpsuit. The suits depend on the type of the vaults. The player can get the fallout 4 vault suit mod can prepare the dweller according to his requirement. Some of the common vault suits are as following

Vault Tec vaults

These are made of the leather, present in blue color with the yellow zipper. These have the number on the back of the suit as well as outside the collar.

Vault Tec vaults

Secret vault jumpsuits

The color of the jumpsuit is gray and it does not contain any number.

Secret vault jumpsuits

Vault city jumpsuit

This is identical to other jumpsuit but does not contain any number. Some of these suits contain hoodies.

Vault city jumpsuit

How to get Fallout 4 Vault suit mod

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  • The feature adds two craftable Vault Suites in dirty and new form which can be crafted at Chemistry Station of Armor Crafting Workbench or at Armorsmith Workbench from Armorsmith Extended in ‘Post-war Vault Suits’ category
  • Addition of two mod categories for vault suits in regular Mod
  • The texture of suit can be changed, between vanilla or the retexture installed by you.
  • The number on the back of suit can be changed or removed and ‘ Proto Vault Suit’ includes the option of three logos as well.
  • The new padding such as mod to craftable Vault Suits is added through Armorsmith Extended.
  • The crafting workbenches patch only change the crafting workbench.
  • It includes a combined path with new padding

Crafting requirements:

  • the Clean Vault Suit needs two adhesives, four leater, and six cloth and Dirty Vault Suit requires one less leather and cloth
  • the changing of one texture requires one Leather and changing of number or logo requires on cloth.


  1. If you still haven’t made the ini edit the follow the guide

2A. It is an optional step but it is required if you want Proto Vault Suit.

  • Download ‘VaultSuit’
  • Proto Standalone 2 from Proto Vault suits
  • Install with NMM

       2B. it is an optional step but it is required if you want the texture from HexCamo VaultSuit

  • Download Black_HexCamo_VaultSuit_v1_1 and Black_HexCamo_VaultSuit_v1_1 from HexCamo VaultSuit
  • Then extract them to temporary folder and rename Textures\Clothes\Vaultsuit TO

(Black) -> Textures\Clothes\VaultSuit_HexCamo_Black

(Blue) -> Textures\Clothes\VaultSuit_HexCamo_Blue

  • After renaming, move the renamed folders to …\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data\Textures\Clothes\
  1. Install my mod it includes FOMOD installer
  2. You have to make sure that you have enabled the new esp files in NMM

The player can get the vault suit mod from various websites; the pattern for getting this mod is same as other Fallout mods. The user has to view the list of the mod and select the required mod. After selecting he has to download the file. The file is usually present n the document or library folder of the system.

Fallout 1
Fallout 2
Fallout 3
Fallout 4
Fallout Shelter
Fallout 4 Cheats
Fallout 4 DLC
Fallout 4 Guide
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Open the folder and drag the files on the load menu. It is important to choose the right sequence so that the mod can work properly. Otherwise, it may create problem or game may get crashed. After adding the sequence the player has to reload or start the game to enjoy the new version of the game with new vault suits.

Different fallout 4 vault suits mods

There are different mods available that contain different styles and colors of the vault suits. Some of the common mods are as following

Hexacamo vault mod

This is the vault suit with the hexagonal pattern and available in black or blue colors. The installation of this mod is easy and simple. The user can follow the same pattern as discussed above.

Common vault suit colors mod

Some of the common mods for different vault suits are following

  • Black
  • Grey
  • Full black
  • Orange
  • Pink with black accents
  • Brown
  • Lavender with white accents
  • Olive

Common vault suit colors mod

In case, if the color does not work with the suit that the dweller is wearing then the user has to install the optional specular files for this purpose.

Unzipped vault suits

It is the suit designed for the female dwellers with a large bust. The vault suit mesh is for the combats and the armors. These pieces are bug-free and not suitable for smaller bodies. The user can install these mods to give the female dwellers the awesome look.

If the vault suit is invisible, then the user can uninstall this mod and can try the other mod to get the vault suit that is compatible with the game. It is important to drag the mods in the rights sequence to avoid any problem.

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Black Vault suit

It is another awesome type of the suit for the fallout dwellers and the armors. It replaces the vanilla blue suit with the black color. To download this mod the player can use different websites where the mod is available and can enjoy the game with the dweller wearing black suits.

There are many other mods present that enable the user to change the style of the dweller. Some texture mods are also available, by installing that particular mod the player can add the texture to the vault suit.the player can find exciting vault suit mod and make the game attractive and full of fun.



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