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Fallout shelter was designed for mobile platforms. It is a vault management game developed by Behavior interactive and Bethesda Game Studio and it was published by Bethesda Softworks. Fallout shelter was released on 14th June 2015 after Bethesda's first E3 showcase. You can play Fallout Shelter free of cost with in-app purchases. It got released on iOS on 15th June 2015. Fallout shelter was released to Android devices on 13th August 2015 and later it got released for Windows 10 and Xbox One on 7th February 2017. In Fallout Shelter Game you put in the role of Overseer of the vault which is chosen by you and your goal is to lead generations of Vault Dwellers to survive successfully and thrive in a post-nuclear America. In the game your duties include acquisition and distribution of resources, development of vault complex, preventing crisis such as raider attacks and fires, multiplying the population and other such tasks. The main focus of Fallout Shelter is on balancing the needs of your Dwellers and providing them with best quality of life possible and defending from any threats that surrounds them. The game has no end goal except building the best and biggest vault that you can build. It is important to keep dwellers happy along with managing the resources.The Fallout shelter game has a total of four basic resources that are power, food, water and caps. Other resources are stimpaks and RadAway, they are used to improve the health of your dwellers. The gameplay also include lunch boxes, which contain 5 item cards selected randomly, they can boost your Vault tremendously. The usage of vault's resources do not stop when you close them game till the last room is ready for harvest so it is advised to not leave the room needing 30 minutes running in case you have to harvest food, water or power every 4 minutes. Even when the game is not loaded, training, exploration and children growth keeps on continuing so keep in mind the explorers before they end up dead.

Fallout Shelter Weapons

 Fallout Shelter Weapons list have a vast variety to choose from. They can be used to equip Vault dwellers who are unarmed by default and who are useful for protecting your vault against raiders attacks, improving chances that explorers survive and prevention against rod roach infestation.Fallout Shelter Weapons can be brought by dwellers that are sent to explore wasteland, which are obtained through cards found in lunchboxes and sometimes Rare or Legendary Dwellers may come equipped with their own weapons. Fallout shelter weapons can be stored in storage room. Fallout shelter has a number of rooms that can be constructed and upgraded to expand the vault. Each and every room have a particular purpose which could be for resources production, Training dwellers, providing storage space for dwellers and items. When the population of Dwellers increases, you will get an update to expand the size of the room. Here we have some Fallout shelter tips, Fallout shelter cheats and Fallout shelter guides for you to play on uninterrupted

Free Fallout Shelter Unlimited Lunchboxes

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Fallout Shelter PC Trainer

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