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How to start Fallout 4 Far Harbor? Check Far Harbor DLC review, locations guide, walkthrough, settlements & Prices for PS4Far Harbor DLC is the third add-on in Fallout 4 DLC and the second story add-on. The releasing date was 19th May 2016.

Far Harbor DLC Reviews and Maps

In the story, a new case Valentine's Detective Agency leads the player to a search for a secret colony of synths and a young woman. The player can travel to the mysterious island of Far Harbor from the coast of Maine. The island has a higher level of radiation which has created a more feral world. The player has to work toward bringing peace to Far Harbor by putting an end to the conflict between Children of Atom, synths and local townspeople.LocationsThis section is transcluded from Fallout 4 locations. To change it, please edit the transcluded page.

How to start Fallout 4 Far Harbor?

Complete the 'Getting a Clue' quest in the main story after that you will see a radio station for Valentine detective agency in player's Pip-boy. Listen to it then head to Diamond City to talk to Ellie, Valentine's secretary. She'll tell you about agency's new case and send you to Nakano residence. Find it on the map and there you go.

Fallout 4 Far harbor location

Far Harbor is a harbor town in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor. It is home to the Harbor men and ladies, a settlement...

Fallout 4: Far Harbor settlements

Remaking settlements in a lighted Maine with these Fallout 4 Far Harbor add-on workshop areas. Everybody that is managed settlements in Fallout 4 realizes...