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Fallout 4 console commands For PS4, Xbox 360 and PC Games

Fallout 4 is a role-playing game set in a post-apocalyptic world. The game is developed by Bethesda Game Studio. The game was released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows on November 10, 2015.

Fallout 4 is the story of a Sole Survivor of Vault 111, he appears 210 years after the Great War, there’s a small period of pre-war gameplay which shows the player living with spouse and child. The events of Fallout 4 take place in 2287 which is a decade after fallout 3 and six years after Fallout: New Vegas. This page offers the complete list of Fallout 4 Console Commands available for ease of players.

On the game map Vault, 111 is the north-west corner. In the trailer, the player is featured wearing a Vault 111 jumpsuit carrying a laser musket. Vault 111 is located near Sanctuary Hill which was the residential area of Sole Survivor before the Great War. This is the first location of player’s path after emerging from the vault. His household robot Cosworth still lives there

The other sites on the game map include Coastal regions, mountains, the city’s outskirts and downtown Boston, a nuclear blast site to the south-west, the enemies increase progressively going from north-west to south-east area of the map and the level of difficulty also increases with it.

Fallout 4 console commands


The game has around 111,000 dialogues which are more than the combined number of dialogues of Fallout 3 and Elder Scroll V: Skyrim


In the manner of gameplay, it is similar to Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas like the ability to switch from first to third-person view. The additional features of gameplay include a split piece armour system, dynamic dialogue system, an in-depth crafting system, base building. The series also include mole rats, raiders, death claws, fire lurks, super mutants and ghouls as returns from the previous series

The main player, Sole Survivor accesses the in-game menu is managed through a Pip-Boy who manages maps, data, statistics and items. The player can also find mini games on the retro theme and game cartridges.

Ability to build settlements is the new feature of gameplay. The player can scrap objects and structure for resources within the boundaries of settlement and build their own structures like vegetable gardens, housing, stores, defences and crafting stations. Each settlement can be connected via Brahmin caravans who shares the resources through these connections. The town can also have electricity supply using dynamic power systems and they also have water pumps and crops growth for food and water supply. The non-players and merchants inhabit the town and keep the settlement running. The player can also build defensive systems around the settlements against raids and attacks.

The player can achieve new perks at each level up, and the game allows more freedom the player to allow him for more experience in exploring and combat. The player can continue playing after the end of the main quest there are plenty of side quests through which player can still engage after the end of the main story and let the player do an aftermath

This page gives all the Fallout 4 Console Commands required for players to play the game

General Fallout 4 Console Commands for Users



Cheat Code

God modeTgm
Invincibility to damageTdm
Gain one levelplayer.advlevel
Set levelplayer.setlevel [level]
Toggle no clippingTcl
Buddha modetim
Show all places on maptmm 1
Full health but radiation remainsplayer.resethealth
Kill targeted NPCkill
Set “carryweight” variableplayer.modav carryweight [number]
Toggle AItai
AI completely ignores youtdetect
Toggle attacks from NPCstcai
Resurrects targeted NPCresurrect
Resurrect indicated creature everywhereresurrect [id]
Kill indicated creature everywherekill [id]
Fully activate all Pip-Boy map markerstmm 1
Kill all NPCs and creatures in the areakillall
Complete every part of main storylinecaqs
Teleport to cheat room with boxes containing every itemcoc qasmoke
Teleport to indicated cellcoc [cell edid]
View targeted companion’s affinity to you; maximum is over 1,000getav CA_affinity
Set targeted companion’s affinity; will not take effect until next affinity changemodav CA_affinity [number]
View ID of indicated objecthelp [text]
Add item to your inventoryplayer.additem[amount]
Lists inventory with object IDsplayer.showinventory or player.inv
Equip item from the inventoryplayer.equipitem
Change your character’s gendersexchange
Set minimum jump heightsetgs fJumpHeightMin [number]
Set running speed multiplierplayer.setav speedmult [number]
Set actor value to specific amountplayer.setav [variable] [amount]
Modify an actor valueplayer.modav [variable] [amount]
Set a valueplayer.forceav [variable] [amount]
Advance a point on specific skill branchadvancepcskill [advskill]
Set the scale of targeted objectsetScale
Display the scale targeted objectgetScale
Unlock targeted locked objectunlock
Lock targed object with indicated lockpick difficultylock [number]
Activate targeted object normally used with a switchactivate
Delete targeted objectZap
Permanently delete targeted objectmarkfordelete
Set activation state of targeted object; “0” is close and “2” is opensetopenstate [0 or 2]
Claim ownership of targeted objectsetownership
Spawn item next to player; stack value of “1” required for some itemsplayer.placeatme[stack amount] [quality]
Move to indicated item within the same location cellplayer.moveto [ref id]
Set how fast time passes; default is “30”set timescale to [scale]
Set the game hour to indicated valueset gamehour to [time]
Set field of view; default is “70”fov [number]
Free-roam cameraTfc
Toggle visible menus and UITm
Display current game timegetcurrenttime
View game settings valuegetgs [string]
Send console output to indicated filescof [filename]
Execute list of commands from text filebat [filename]
Clear console textCls


General Item codes

Item Name

Full code
Bottlecapplayer.additem 0000000F
Stimpakplayer.additem 00023736
Rad Awayplayer.additem 00023742
Fusion Coreplayer.additem 00075FE4
Nuka-Cola Quantum

player.additem 0004835F

Fallout 4 Bobblehead codes

fallout 4 Bobblehead

Bobblehead nameFull codeEffect (once picked up)
Strength Bobbleheadplayer.placeatme 00178B63+1 Strength
Perception Bobbleheadplayer.placeatme 00178B5D+1 Perception
Endurance Bobbleheadplayer.placeatme 00178B55+1 Endurance
Charisma Bobbleheadplayer.placeatme 00178B54+1 Charisma
Intelligence Bobbleheadplayer.placeatme 00178B58+1 Intelligence
Agility Bobbleheadplayer.placeatme 00178B51+1 Agility
Luck Bobbleheadplayer.placeatme 00178B5A+1 Luck
Barter Bobbleheadplayer.placeatme 00178B525% better prices when buying
Big Guns Bobbleheadplayer.placeatme 00178B53Increases critical damage with heavy weapons by 25%
Energy Weapons Bobbleheadplayer.placeatme 00178B56Increases critical damage with energy weapons by 25%
Explosive Bobbleheadplayer.placeatme 00178B57Increases damage with explosives by 15%
Lock Picking Bobbleheadplayer.placeatme 00178B59Makes lockpicking easier
Medicine Bobbleheadplayer.placeatme 00178B5BIncreases healing from stimpaks by 10%
Melee Bobbleheadplayer.placeatme 00178B5CIncreases critical damage with melee weapons by 25%
Repair Bobbleheadplayer.placeatme 00178B5EIncreases the duration of fusion cores by 10%
Science Bobbleheadplayer.placeatme 00178B5FExtra guess when hacking terminals
Small Guns Bobbleheadplayer.placeatme 00178B60Increases critical damage with ballistic weapons by 25%
Sneak Bobbleheadplayer.placeatme 00178B61Makes player harder to detect by 10%
Speech Bobbleheadplayer.placeatme 00178B62All vendors have 100 caps extra when bartering
Unarmed Bobbleheadplayer.placeatme 00178B64Increases critical damage with unarmed attacks by 25%

Fallout 4 Syringe Codes

Fallout 4 Syringe

Item nameFull codeEffectDuration (seconds)
Syringer (weapon)player.additem 0014D09E
Berserk Syringeplayer.additem 00058AE9Chance to frenzy target120
Bleed Out Syringeplayer.additem 00058AEBDoes 30 points of damage10
Bloatfly Larva Syringeplayer.additem 000375BBChance on death for target to spawn a Bloatfly
Endangerol Syringeplayer.additem 00058AF2Reduces target’s damage resistance by 25%120
Lock Joint Syringeplayer.additem 00058AF4Chance to paralyze target10
Mind Cloud Syringeplayer.additem 00058AF5Target believes you have vanished and has a reduced chance to detect you30
Pax Syringeplayer.additem 00058AF7Chance to make the target non-violent30
Radscorpion Venom Syringeplayer.additem 00058B0CDoes 40 points of damage10
Yellow Belly Syringeplayer.additem 00058B0EChance to cause target to flee30

Fallout 4 Crafting Items codes

Item NameFull code
Acidplayer.additem 001bf72d
Antisepticplayer.additem 001bf72f
Asbestosplayer.additem 000aec5c
Ceramicplayer.additem 000aec5e
Concreteplayer.additem 00106d99
Clothplayer.additem 000aec5f
Adhesiveplayer.additem 001bf72e
Aluminiumplayer.additem 0006907a
Circuitryplayer.additem 0006907b
Copperplayer.additem 0006907c
Corkplayer.additem 000aec60
Crystalplayer.additem 0006907d
Fiber Opticsplayer.additem 00069087
Fiber Glassplayer.additem 000aec61
Gearplayer.additem 0006907e
Glassplayer.additem 00069085
Goldplayer.additem 000aec62
Nuclear Materialplayer.additem 00069086
Oilplayer.additem 001bf732
Plasticplayer.additem 0006907f
Rubberplayer.additem 00106d98
Screwplayer.additem 00069081
Silverplayer.additem 000aec66
Springplayer.additem 00069082
Leatherplayer.additem 000aec64
Leadplayer.additem 000aec63
Woodplayer.additem 000731a3
Steelplayer.additem 000731a4

Special armor codes

fallout 4 Special armor codes

Item nameFull code
Airship Captain’s Hatplayer.additem 0013AEF5
BOS Officer Uniformplayer.additem 00134294
Corsetplayer.additem 001921D6
Feathered Dressplayer.additem 001B5F1B
MacCready’s Dusterplayer.additem 000D415A
Minutemen General’s Hatplayer.additem 001C2216
Minutemen General’s Uniformplayer.additem 001C2214
Ushanka Hatplayer.additem 000F6D83
Father’s Lab Coatplayer.additem 0014FBD0

General Armor codes

Item nameFull code
Army Helmetplayer.additem 00023432
Engineer’s Armorplayer.additem 000DEDE7
Field Scribe’s Armorplayer.additem 000E370E
Bomber Jacketplayer.additem 000E1AF6
Flight Helmetplayer.additem 000E1AF8
BOS Uniformplayer.additem 000DEDEB
BOS Hoodplayer.additem 000E1A39
BOS Officer Uniformplayer.additem 00134294
Combat Armor Left Armplayer.additem 0011D3C7
Combat Armor Right Armplayer.additem 0011D3C6
Combat Armor Helmetplayer.additem 0011E2C8
Combat Armor Left Legplayer.additem 0011D3C5
Combat Armor Right Legplayer.additem 0011D3C4
Combat Armor Chest Pieceplayer.additem 0011D3C3
Gas Mask with Gogglesplayer.additem 001184C1
Hard Hatplayer.additem 000F6D86
Hazmat Suitplayer.additem 000CEAC4
Leather Left Armplayer.additem 0007B9C7
Leather Right Armplayer.additem 0007B9C3
Leather Left Legplayer.additem 0007B9C4
Leather Right Legplayer.additem 0007B9C5
Leather Chest Pieceplayer.additem 0007B9C6
Road Leathersplayer.additem 0004A53B
Metal Left Armplayer.additem 0004B933
Metal Right Armplayer.additem 000536C1
Metal Helmetplayer.additem 000787D3
Metal Left Legplayer.additem 000536C2
Metal Right Legplayer.additem 000536C3
Metal Chest Pieceplayer.additem 000536C4
Raider Power Left Armplayer.additem 00140C52
Raider Power Right Armplayer.additem 00140C53
Raider Power Helmplayer.additem 00140C54
Raider Power Left Legplayer.additem 00140C55
Raider Power Right Legplayer.additem 00140C56
Raider Power Chest Pieceplayer.additem 00140C57
X-01 Left Armplayer.additem 00154AC3
X-01 Right Armplayer.additem 00154AC4
X-01 Helmplayer.additem 00154AC5
X-01 Left Legplayer.additem 00154AC6
X-01 Right Legplayer.additem 00154AC7
X-01 Torsoplayer.additem 00154AC8
Long Johnsplayer.additem 00019568
Railroad Armored Coat Mk Vplayer.additem 001BBCB9
Winter Jacket and Jeansplayer.additem 00117EB7
Synth Left Armplayer.additem 0018796C
Synth Right Armplayer.additem 0018796E
Synth Field Helmetplayer.additem 0018796A
Synth Helmetplayer.additem 00187976
Synth Left Legplayer.additem 00187972
Synth Right Legplayer.additem 00187970
Synth Chest Pieceplayer.additem 00187974
Vault 111 Jumpsuit – Newplayer.additem 000976B7
Vault 81 Jumpsuitplayer.additem 001103A4
Covenant Security Armorplayer.additem 00156C0D
Institute Lab Coatplayer.additem 0011E7B9
Black Institute Lab Coatplayer.additem 001B350D
Blue Institute Lab Coatplayer.additem 001A5CFD
Hooded Cleanroom Suitplayer.additem 00115AEB
Surgical Maskplayer.additem 000787DA
Coast Guard Hatplayer.additem 000F6D87

Buff out item codes

Item nameFull codeEffect
Addictolplayer.additem 459c5Cures all addictions
Berry Mentatsplayer.additem 518bbINT+5, highlights living targets for 8 minutes
Buffjetplayer.additem 58aa3STR+3, END+3, Max HP+65, Max AP+35, Slow Time for 15 seconds
Buffoutplayer.additem 33778Strength+2 (m), Endurance+2 (m), Hit Points+50 (m)
Bufftatsplayer.additem 58aa5STR+3, END+3, PER+3, Max HP+65
Calmexplayer.additem 58aa72x sneak attack multiplier, Perception +2, Agility +2
Daddy-Oplayer.additem 156d0bIntelligence+3, Perception+3,Charisma-2
Day Tripperplayer.additem 150729Luck+3, Charisma+3, Strength-2
Furyplayer.additem 628caDamage Resistance+25, Melee Damage+50%,Perception-5
Grape Mentatsplayer.additem 10129a10% better prices and CHAR+5 for 8 minutes
Jetplayer.additem 366c5Slows time for 10s
Jet Fuelplayer.additem 518d0Increases AP recovery rate, increases max AP by 35
Med-Xplayer.additem 33779DMG resist+25
Mentatsplayer.additem 3377bINT+2, PER+2
Mysterious serumplayer.additem ec4f7STR+5, DMG resist +50, -10 rads/sec
Orange Mentatsplayer.additem 518c5PER+5, +10 % Vats accuracy for 8 minutes
Overdriveplayer.additem 58aadCritical Chance+25%
Psychoplayer.additem 3377dDMG +25%, +25 DMG resist for 5 minutes
Psychobuffplayer.additem 58aacSTR+3, END+3, DMG+25%, Max HP+65
Psycho Jetplayer.additem 58aa8DMG+25%, DMG resist+35, Max AP+35, slows time for 15 seconds
Psychotatsplayer.additem 58aaa
Rad-Xplayer.additem 24057Rad Resist 100
RadAwayplayer.additem 23742Rads -300
Stimpakplayer.additem 23736Heal 30%HP
Ultra Jetplayer.additem 101299
Vault 81 Cureplayer.additem 55f10Heal 50%HP
X-Cellplayer.additem 1506f4STR+2, PER+2, END+2, CHR+2, INT+2, AGI+2, LCK+2
Stealth Boyplayer.additem 4f4a6Upon use, player becomes invisible for ~60 seconds

Fallout 4 Weapons Commands

Fallout 4 Weapons Commands

Item NameFull codeReplace xx with
Assaultron bladexx008B8E01 or 02
Mr. Handy buzzsawxx0020F801 or 02
Salvaged assaultron headxx0100B701 or 02
Tesla riflexx003E0701 or 02

Crops codes

Item nameFull code
Mutfruitplayer.additem 33102
Carrotplayer.additem F742E
Cornplayer.additem 330F8
Gourdplayer.additem EF24D
Melonplayer.additem FAFEB
Razorgrainplayer.additem E0043
Tatoplayer.additem 9DCC4

Fallout 4 Apparel codes

Item NameFull codeReplace xx with                                
Assaultron helmetxx00864A01 or 02
Eyebot helmetxx00864C01 or 02
Mechanist’s Armorxx008BC101 or 02
Mechanist’s Helmetxx008BC301 or 02
Robot chest piecexx00863F01 or 02
Robot right legxx00864601 or 02
Robot left legxx00864801 or 02
Robot right armxx00864201 or 02
Robot left armxx00864401 or 02
Sturdy robot chest piecexx00863F01 or 02
Sturdy robot right legxx00864601 or 02
Sturdy robot left legxx00864801 or 02
Sturdy robot right armxx00864201 or 02
Sturdy robot left armxx00864401 or 02
Heavy robot chest piecexx00863F01 or 02
Heavy robot right legxx00864601 or 02
Heavy robot left legxx00864801 or 02
Heavy robot right armxx00864201 or 02
Heavy robot left armxx00864401 or 02
Sentry Bot Helmetxx00864E01 or 02
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