Fallout 4 console commands Items


In Fallout 4 tilde key (~) into a good spring of god-like almighty power, by enacting the in a game console, PC players of Fallout 4 can start an entire slew of cheat orders to change their game experience, regardless. There is a rundown of current console commands and their respective functions.


Furthermore, to initiate Fallout 4’s in a game console, especially press the tilde key on the console just close to the key 1 enter in the upper left corner. In addition to this, the certain console may require punctuation key rather if the tilde doesn’t work. However, tapping the tide raises a dull dim console on the lower half of the game screen that can be utilised to enter different commands. This Fallout 4 console commands Items can be utilised to control the game in a wide range of way. Players can in a split second kill or restore adversaries, add amounts of thing to their stock and even empower the God Mode.

fallout 4 console commands item


Some of these commands can be lucidly possibly game-breaking, so as a security measure make sure to create a save file and create often. Moreover, you can go back when something terrible happens.


Every entry below depicts the commands to be entered to the console and the effect of that specific command.


    • Tgm God mode, for finish the invulnerability.
    • Tcl – No crash with items, walk through walls or basically anyplace else.
    • tai Turns off AI. Makes all character end up plainly fixed with empty expressions.
    • Tcai Turns off battle AI. At long last, world peace!
    • killall – Kills off everybody in the surrounding area, except for companions and other important characters.
    • Kill[ Insert ID] – Kills the animal of the ID demonstrated.
    • Resurrect[ Insert ID] – resurrects the creature indicated.
    • SetfsfJumpHeighMind [ Insert Number] – Allows players to adjust their jump height based on interested numbers. Higher numbers result in higher hops. However, the fall damage from the high jump will in any kill you so make certain to empower god mode first.
    • setav speedmult[ insert number] –  A multiplier is added to your running velocity, in light of the interested number.



This ample Dogmeat is the closest thing we will get to have our very own Clifford in Fallout 4.

  • Set scale [ insert number from 1 to 10]– Increases the measure of your objective or yourself, in view of the indicated number. This command makes things genuinely massive, as should be obvious.
  • tfc– Activates the fly cam, which is important for the aeronautical screenshots.
  • tm– Toggles the UI and HUD now and again. In any case, this charge will likewise keep you from seeing the command console. Press the tilde and sort “to” again aimlessly to recover UI.Utilise this in conjunction with the past charge for show screenshots.
  • sexchange– Gives your character a sex change, clearly. In any case, once you return your character appears to return to the default character too which means you possibly lose your face and hair customizations. Make a reinforcement save before attempting this commands in the event of some unforeseen issue.
  • additem[insert thing ID] [ insert number] – This is the command equation to add a thing to your stock in view of the amount showed by the interested number. This will work for anything the length of you know the item ID.

Armour & Clothing
Colorful dark blue undergarments
Colorful dark green undergarments
Colorful green undergarments
Colorful light blue undergarments
Colorful light green undergarments
Colorful pink undergarments
Colorful yellow undergarments
Cowboy hat – 000E2DD0 (Desperado)
Cowboy hat – 001083E0
Cowboy hat – 001083E1
Cowboy hat – 0010A427
Cowboy hat – 0010A428
Cowhide Western outfit
Disciples armored skirt
Disciples banded helmet
Disciples bladed helmet
Disciples cowl
Disciples head covering
Disciples hood
Disciples metal armor
Disciples spiked armor
Disciples strapped armor
Disciples wrapped armor

Pack beanie and crow mask
Pack bone left leg
Pack buffalo helmet
Pack carnival mask
Pack chest armor
Pack crow mask
Pack deer mask
Pack elephant helmet
Pack feather necklace
Pack helmet
Pack horned helm
Pack jaguar helmet
Pack armor
Pack left bracer
Pack masked helm
Pack moose helmet
Pack necklace
Pack right bone leg
Pack right bracer pack shawl
Pack stuffed armor
Patchwork sweater & furry pants
Patchwork sweater & shorts
Prospector’s hat
Quantum X-01 power armor
Ripped shirt & socks
Shock collar
Spacesuit Costume -Found on mannequins in the Galactic Zone.
Spacesuit Costume Helmet -Found on mannequins in the Galactic Zone.
Torn shirt & jeans
Torn shirt & ragged pants
Western duster
Western outfit
Western outfit & chaps
Wildman rags
Wrap & ragged pants
Wrap & ripped jeans
Yao-guai finger necklace

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Nuka-World jacket & jeans
Nuka-World jumpsuit
Nuka-World shirt & jeans
Operators armored dress
Operators armored skirt
Operators belted chest piece
Operators glasses
Operators goggles
Operators heavy armor
Operators armor
Orange shirt Western outfit
Oswald’s Tophat – Random reward for completing A Magical Kingdom quest.
Overboss power armor
Pack beanie
Dress – 001561D8
Fancy plaid suit & string tie
Fancy plaid suit & tie
Fancy suit
Fancy suit & tie
Furry pants & T-shirt
Furry undergarments
Gage’s armor
Gage’s eyepatch
Hubologist outfit
Magician’s Tuxedo – xx03407C
Mason’s outfit
Nuka T-51 power armor
Nuka-Girl Rocketsuit – Found on a mannequin on the Nuka-Cola rocket inside of Nuka-Galaxy in the Galactic Zone.
Nuka-World geyser jacket & jeans
Nuka-World geyser shirt & jeans
Black Prospector’s Hat – Found upstairs in Doc Phosphate’s Saloon in the Dry Rock Gulch Park.

Bottle and Cappy orange jacket & jeans
Bottle and Cappy red jacket & jeans
Bottle and Cappy shirt & jeans
Bottle shirt & jeans
Bottlecap sunglasses
Cappy glasses
Cappy jacket & jeans
Cappy shirt & jeans
Colourful brown undergarments


Disciples Cutlass
Disciples Knife
Fragmentation Grenade MIRV
Fury Grenade
Handmade Rifle – xx033B60 – xx0496EA (Porter Gages’)
Hub’s Alien Blaster -xx000807 (Complete Side Mission “Trip to the Stars”)
Lucky Rabbit’s Foot -xx035E71
Nuka Cherry Grenade
Nuka Quantum Grenade
Paddle Ball – xx00A6C0
Persuasion Grenade
Predator Grenade
Smart Fragmentation Grenade
Sword of Wonders – Random reward for completing A Magical Kingdom quest.
Thirst Zapper – Rewarded during the quest Taken for a Ride & 2 can be found inside Nuka-Cade
ThroatSlicer – Sold by Katelyn Alden in Nuka-Town market.
Western Revolver
Nuka-Nuke Launcher


Nuka-Cola Orange
Nuka-Cola Quartz
Nuka-Cola Victory
Nuka-Cola Wild
Nuka-Power – xx030EFE – xx0502C9 (iced)
Nuka-Xtreme – xx030EF9 – xx0502E1 (iced)
Nukalurk Meat – 00095f48
Rad-Rat Meat Ant Meat
Cave Cricket Meat
Gazelle Meat
Ghoulrilla Meat
Mystery Bacon – Samples can be found scattered around the backstage area of the Bradenton Amphitheater.
Mystery jerky – Samples can be found scattered around the backstage area of the Bradenton Amphitheater.
Newka-Cola – xx030EFF – xx0052AF (iced)
Nuka-Berry – xx030EFD – xx0052A9 (iced)
Nuka-Bombdrop – xx03B8B4 – xx0502AC (iced)
Nuka-Buzz – xx030F02 – xx0502B2 (iced)
Nuka-Cola Dark – xx024536



Atomic Roller Ball
Nuka Recipes:
Nuka-Berry Recipe – xx04431C
Nuka-Bombdrop Recipe – xx044320
Nuka-Cide Recipe – xx04430C
Nuka-Cooler Recipe – xx044318
Nuka-Frutti Recipe – x044323
Nuka-Hearty Recipe – xx044328
Nuka-Lixir Recipe – xx044326
Nuka-Love Recipe – xx044314 Nuka-Power Recipe – xx04431E
Nuka-Punch Recipe – xx04430E
Nuka-Ray Recipe – xx04431A
Nuka-Rush Recipe – xx044310
Nuka-Sunrise Recipe – xx044324
Nuka-Void Recipe – xx044316
Nuka-Xtreme Recipe – xx044312
Nuka-Cade Ticket – xx019988
Nuka-Cade Token – xx01998A
Nuka-Cola Lunchbox
Project Cobalt Schematics – xx056CF9
Star Core – xx01E367


Burger Tray – xx02a188
Hot Dog Tray
Pizza Tray
Nuka-Cola Cup -xx02A186
Nuka-Cola Cup and Straw
Nuka-Cola Cup Pack
Souvenir Coffee Cup
Souvenir Drinking Glass -xx02689E
Souvenir Magnet Badge Souvenir Magnet Cat -xx02A184
Souvenir Magnet Cow – xx0268A1
Souvenir Plastic Bowl -xx0268a0
Souvenir Plate
Souvenir Sloth Toy
Souvenir Teddy Bear
Souvenir Toy Car


Dry Rock Gulch Theater Key – xx047E0F
Dunmore Safe Key – xx042B5D
Galactic Zone Manager’s Key – xx0327A3
Grandchester Guest Key – xx020A38
Grandchester Mansion Key – xx01616F
Kiddie Kingdom Roof Key – xx04A08D
Kiddie Kingdom Tunnels Key – xx03E4FA
Mad Mulligan’s Employee Key – xx04BACD
Mad Mulligan’s Mine Key – xx0431B0
Nuka-Galaxy Employee Key – xx038944
Nuka-World storage Room Key – xx03DB4E
Nuka-World Utility Substation Key – xx02DEE8

Overboss’ Key – xx00A50E
Overboss’ Password – xx00A50F
Parlor Dressing Room Key – xx04894D
Plant Control Room Key – xx03C5A9
RobCo Battlezone Key – xx04b1CC
Rusty Key – xx02DBEF
Scratched Key – xx02DBED
Starlight Theater Pantry Key – xx0294A9
Icon Cut Terminal Password – xx03BA46
Utility Substation Password – xx02DEEA
Vault-Tec Control Room Key – xx0294A0
Vault-Tec Employee Key – xx0294A2
Vault-Tec Observation Lab Key – xx0294A1


Maja’s Message – xx0474C8
Mark’s Log – xx0474C5
Meacham Recordings
Disk01 – xx03F8DB
Disk02 – xx03F8DC
Disk03 – xx03F8DD
Disk04 – xx03F8DE
Mother, it’s Mags – xx0489B7
N.I.R.A.’s Holotape – xx04249D
Nisha’s Holotape – xx04E97E
Nuka-Cola Clear – xx046904
Nuka-Cola Recording – xx04A681
Nuka-World Paramedic Report – xx04478E
Personal Log – xx03951D
Persuasion Test Eight – xx0489B5
Project Consumer Guidance – xx0474C6
Rachel’s Holotape – xx0417B3
Recon Log – xx03951E
Sergeant Lanier’s Report – xx0474CB
Stinking Operators – xx04A517
The Test – xx01110E

A.F.A.D. Interrogation – xx0439F6
A.F.A.D. Manifesto – xx0439F5
Buzz’s Holotape – xx04A519
Caleb’s Personal Log – xx04A660
Corporal Downey’s Report – xx0474CC
Dixie’s Souvenir
Disk01 – xx043BC8
Disk02 – xx043BC9
Disk03 – xx043BCA
Dr. McDermot’s Journals
Disk01 – xx0439F0
Disk02 – xx0439F2
Disk03 – xx0439F3
Safari Dr. McDermot Objective Holo tape – xx044913

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Dusty’s Message – xx0474C7
Emerson’s Holotape – xx0474C4
For Deke – xx03F838
General Braxton’s Visit – xx046905
Hidden Cappy Contest Hints – xx056A01
Ian’s Holotape – xx03951F
Jesse’s Personal Log – xx0474C9
Kristy’s Holotape – xx0474CA
Maggy, it’s your Mother – xx0489B6


Notes and Letters

Anise’s suicide note – xx04434B
Buzz’s apology – xx04E97C

Ricky’s note – xx046DD1
Rumor about missing slaves – xx04A522
Safe combations
– xx04693D
– xx04693E
– xx04693F
Sam’s note – xx046DD3
Shorty’s note – xx04A51E
Smooth Operator’s recipe – xx026B12
Sykes’ old letter – xx039525
Terry’s note – xx046DCF
The radicorn – xx04E97B
They hit Boston – xx04F554
Traitor’s note
– xx04AA33
– xx04AA34
– xx04AA35
V’s note – xx04A51C
Buzz’s note – xx04A51A
Cito’s note – xx04D3D7
Crag’s plan – xx04434B
Disciple affirmations – xx04E97C
Fury grenade recipe – xx026191
Going to the roof – xx04F553
Good looking guy’s note – xx04A51F
H’s note – xx04A51D
Hasty letter – xx04F54F
Hidden Cappy clues
– xx01556C
– xx01556D
– xx01556E
– xx01556F
– xx015571
– xx015572
– xx015573
– xx015574
– xx015575
Hunter’s journal page – xx042E9F
Kaylor’s orders – xx01A28E
Note about missing slaves – xx04A521
Nuka-nuke schematics – xx056CFE
Nuka-World contest flyer – xx013A48
Ophelia’s unsent letter – xx039526
Park map pamphlet – xx047F44
Persuasion grenade recipe – xx025B1B
Pissed off guy’s note – xx04A520
Predator grenade recipe – xx026193
Project cobalt complete – xx050A9F
Project cobalt schematics – xx056CF9
Ramblings – xx039527

Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC Add on 3 Item IDs

fallout 4 console commands items

Armour & Clothing

Acadia’s Shield (reward for completing quest “The Way Life Should Be” if you keep DiMA’s secret)
Atom’s Bulwark – xx022601
Black Fisherman’s Overalls – xx0570D3
Brown Fisherman’s Overalls
The Captain’s Hat
Chase’s Uniform
Coastal Armor
The Dapper Gent
Fisherman’s Hat
Fisherman’s Outfit
Fisherman’s Overalls
Green fisherman’s Overalls
Grey fisherman’s Overalls
High Confessor’s Helm
High Confessor’s Robes
Hunter’s Hood
Hunter’s Long Coat

Hunter’s Pelt Outfit
Inquisitor’s Cowl
Legend of the Harbor
Lobster Trap Helmet
Marine Armor
Marine Wetsuit
Old Fisherman’s Hat
Pirate Hat
Rescue Diver Suit
Robes of Atom’s Devoted
Trapper Armor
Unyielding Synth Chest Piece (clean)
Vault 118 Jumpsuit
Wool Fisherman’s Cap


Zealot’s Marine Armor chest piece – xx009E5B
Zealot’s Marine Armor right leg – xx009E5A
Zealot’s Marine Armor left leg     – xx009E59
Zealot’s Marine Armor right arm – xx009E57
Zealot’s Marine Armor left arm     – xx009E56

Assault Marine Armor chest piece – xx009E5B
Assault Marine Armor right leg – xx009E5A
Assault Marine Armor left leg – xx009E59
Assault Marine Armor right arm – xx009E57
Assault marine armor left arm – xx009E56
Assault Marine Armor helmet – xx009E58

Marine Tactical Helmet – xx03a557
Marine Wetsuit – xx03a556

Fallout 4 Weapons Items

Admiral’s Friend – (Buy from Allen Lee in Far Harbor)
Atom’s Judgement – (Reward for completing of the Children of Atom quest The Heretic)
Bear Trap – xx054072
Bleeding Bear Trap – xx0540F7
Bloodletter – xx009582
Butcher’s Hook (Sold by Erickson at Horizon Flight 1207)
Caltrops – xx05406E
December’s Child – (Located inside the Vim! Pop factory)
Fencebuster (found in the Atrium of Vault 118 during the quest Brain Dead)
Flamer – 000E5881
Harpoon Gun – xx010B81
Kiloton Radium Rifle – (Buy from Kane in the Nucleus after joining the Children of Atom)

Lever-action Rifle – xx02C8B0
Lucky Eddy – xx0442CB
Meat Hook – xx04B5F4
Old Reliable – (Sold by Dejen in Acadia)
Poisoned Caltrops
Pole Hook – xx009582
Radical Conversion – (Quest reward for completing Ablutions)
Radium Rifle – xx025FC4
Sergeant Ash – (Sold by Dejen in Acadia)

Fallout Consumables

Agile Sludgepak – xx048BD4
Angler Meat – xx01C714
Aster – xx013384
Black Bloodleaf – xx01B189
Blight – xx044042
Chicken Noodle Soup
Chicken Thigh
Durable Sludgepak
Fire Belly
Fried Fog Crawler
Grilled Hermit Crab
Ground Mole Rat

Gulper Innards
Gulper Slurry
Hermit Crab Meat
Ice Cold Vim
Ice Cold Vim Captain’s Blend
Ice Cold Vim Quartz
Ice Cold Vim Refresh
Lure Weed
Mirelurk Jerky
Poached Angler
Rabbit Leg
Raw Fog Crawler Meat
Raw Sap
Resilient Sludge Cocktail

Seasoned Rabbit Skewers
Strong Sludge Cocktail
The Captain’s Feast
Vim Captain’s Blend
Vim Quartz
Vim Refresh
Ware’s Brew
Wolf Meat
Wolf Ribs


Condensed Fog – xx03A2D1
Garden Gnome Blue – xx019E16
Garden Gnome Red – xx019E17
Garden Gnome Destroyed – xx019E18
Hide Bundle – xx040DF0
Jug – xx03A2D4

Fallout 4 Automatron DLC Add on 1 Item IDs

fallout 4 items


Hurtz – xx00FF0E – xx00FF0F
Ivey – xx00E399 – xx000000
Jackson – xx00FEFD – xx00FF00
Jezebel – xx008ACF – xx000000
Liza – xx00FF04 – xx00FF06
The Mechanist – xx0008B2 – xx00097C
The Sole Survivor – xx000007 – xx000014
Tin Man – xx0EFBBB – xx0EFBAA
Porter – xx000000 – xx000000
Shades – xx00FF08 – xx00FF09
Sparks – xx001DAC – xx001DAD
Turing – xx00FF0A – xx00FF0B
Zoe – xx00FF01 – xx00FF0

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Ada – xx00FD5A – xx00FF12
Ahab – xx010F5F – xx000000
Automatron – xx000000 – xx000000

Holodisks & Notes

Automatron – xx007B20
Chief scientist’s holotape – xx008B44
Drawing of the Mechanist – xx00417B
Facilities director’s holotape – xx008B43
Jackson’s holotape – xx010134
Jezebel interview – xx011070
The Last Straw – xx00A2D3
Lead engineer’s holotape – xx008B42
Mechanist holotape – xx010A56 – xx010A57 – xx010A58
Mechanist’s log – xx009FE1
Scavenger’s journal – xx0109D2
Work order 09-241 – xx008B62
Zoe’s diary – xx0009D3


Beacon Oscillator – xx000890
Burnt Technical Manual – xx00841F
Eyebot Pod Schematics – xx0109BC
Jezebel’s Head – xx008AD4
Radar Beacon – xx000883
Robot Workbench Schematics 0000254A – xx01133D
Spotlight Schematics – xx0109BB


Assaultron blade – xx008B8E
Mr. Handy buzzsaw – xx0020F8
Protectron’s Gaze – ????????
Salvaged assaultron head – xx0100B7
Tesla rifle – xx003E07

Passwords & Terminal Keys

Forfeiture Terminal Password – xx00FEAC
Medical Terminal Password – xx00d5E0
RB-2851 Master Control Password – xx001D29
RobCo Sales and Service Center Password – xx008B66

Robots & Computers

Assaultron – 000DF64A
Duelbot – xx007837 – xx007844
Eyebot – 000EFBB4
Eyebot Peepers – 000BB1F9
Eyebot Sonya – 000C895F
Eyebot Sonya Mk.II – 0014D172
Eyebot Ol’ Rusty – 000EF3F5
Eyebot Sparks – 00001DAC
Protectron – ????????
Protectron Basilisk
Protectron Buddy – 000F12B0
Protectron Devil  – ????????
Protectron First Mate – 000A1601

Protectron Golem
Protectron Guardian – ????????
Protectron Fire Brigadier – 001E61E0
Protectron Medical – 001E61E3
Protectron Police – 001E61E4
Protectron Scourge
Protectron Takahashi – 00002CDA
Protectron Tin Man – 000EFBBB
Protectron Utility  – 001D77A0

Protectron Watcher – 00121D4F
Robobrain Jezebel – xx008ACF
Sentry Bot – 000AE0BB
Sentry Bot Annihilator – 00216357
Sentry Bot Annihilator Mk.II – 00216358
Sentry Bot Gus – 0018448D
Sentry Bot Gunner – 0022CDF4
Sentry Bot Gunner Annihilator Mk.II – 0022CDF6
Sentry Bot Gunner Sentry Bot – 0022CDF3
Sentry Bot Ironsides – 0003ADC4
Sentry Bot Sarge – 0012C046

Sentry Bot Siege Breaker – 000CFB4A
Sentry Bot Active Combat Prototype Mk.IV – 00000A26
Sentry Bot Inactive Combat Protoype Mk.IV – 001091EF

Fallout Apparel

Assaultron helmet – xx00864A
Eyebot helmet – xx00864C
Mechanist’s Armor – xx008BC1
Mechanist’s Helmet – xx008BC3
Robot Armor Standard
Robot chest piece – xx00863F
Robot right leg xx008646
Robot left leg xx008648
Robot right arm xx008642
Robot left arm xx008644

Robot Armor Standard
Robot chest piece – xx00863F
Robot right leg xx008646
Robot left leg xx008648
Robot right arm xx008642
Robot left arm xx008644
Robot Armor Sturdy
Sturdy robot chest piece – xx00863F
Sturdy robot right leg – xx008646
Sturdy robot left leg – xx008648
Sturdy robot right arm – xx008642
Sturdy robot left arm – xx008644
Robot Armor Heavy
Heavy robot chest piece – xx00863F
Heavy robot right leg – xx008646
Heavy robot left leg – xx008648
Heavy robot right arm – xx008642
Heavy robot left arm – xx008644
Sentry Bot Helmet – xx00864E


  • additem 0000000f 2500– Adds 2500 Bottle caps into your stock
  • additem 0000000a 2500– Adds 2500 Bobby Pins to the player’s stock

 Almost everything can be found in one of these holders.

  • Coc qasmoke– Teleports the player to a dim, dreamlike stay with a progression of boxes that contain all things in the game.
  • Set timescale to [ insert number] – Can accelerate or back off time. The game defaults to 16 with continuous being 1. Negative numbers likely back off time.
  • tdetec– Causes AI to no longer distinguish you. A pickpocket’s fantasy!
  • modav [ skill] [ number]– Increase a specific ability by te showed number sum
  • setlevel [ insert number]– Bump up your character’s level to the number showed.
  • caqs– This will finish all means of the essential journey finishing the primary story instantly


Caqs command, will basically ruin the whole game, utilize this command at your own hazard or maybe on another character once you have finished the game yourself.


These are the principle console commands which have been discovered until now and there will probably me more added to this list as they are revealed in coming time. Whereas, keep in mind to use these commands precisely, and make a backup of your game save file before using any of these commands.


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