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Fallout 4 connecting settlements 

Fallout 4 connecting settlements 

Making enormous, custom settlements is an amazing expansion to the Fallout establishment.

Be that as it may, while settlements are valuable for social occasion every one of your assets in one place, it’s for the most part more accommodating to get to your reserves of merchandise from any settlement: That way you won’t lose time always making a trip back to a similar town just to drop off some garbage or get a weapon.

Fallout 4 connecting settlements Resource

To associate your settlements in Fallout 4, you’ll need to make what is called supply lines.

Fallout 4 connecting settlements 

Supply lines must be set up once you’ve achieved the 6th level in the Charisma redesign tree, which grandstands the Local Leader lives. You’ll require the primary rank in that Local Leader livens to begin.

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Once you’ve met those necessities, go get a pioneer at any of your settlements. At that point, initiate your workshop menu — the catch you hold to begin building assets for your settlement. On the off chance that you feature more than one of your pilgrims, you should see a “Supply Line” catch alternative. When you click that catch, you’ll get the opportunity to pick which settlement to send that pilgrim to and that is essentially all you need to do.

To see your supply lines, look at the guide on your Pip-Boy and you’ll see an alternative featured at the base of the screen to “show supply lines.” Click that and you’ll see all your supply lines illuminate, which will give you a chance to make sense of which settlements still should be associated:
You can make supply lines between any settlements, yet you’ll require diverse pilgrims to interface every one of your settlements. In the event that a pioneer is as of now in transit to a settlement, don’t send them to an alternate settlement or you’ll break the supply line you as of now have.

Fallout 4 Settlements Location List

Boston Airport Bunker Hill Abernathy Farm
The Castle Coastal Cottage Covenant
Croup Manor County Crossing Egret Tours Marina
Finch Farm Graygarden Greentop Nursery
Hangman's Alley Home Plate Jamaica Plain
Kingsport Lighthouse Murkwater Construction Site Nordhagen Beach
Outpost Zimonja Oberland Station Red Rocket Truck Stop
Sanctuary The Slog Somerville Place
Starlight Drive In Spectacle Island Sunshine Tidings Co-op
Taffington Boathouse Tenpines Bluff Warwick Homestead
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In the event that you’ve set up a supply line yet your Pilgrim hasn’t touched base around the local area yet, simply rest for a couple of hours, discover a quaint little inn the quantity of hours you need to stay and afterward quick go to the settlement you need to update. Your pioneer ought to have touched base by at that point, which will enable you to begin developing that remote settlement with every one of the assets you’ve gathered in the first settlement.

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Fallout 4 connecting settlements 
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