Best Fallout 4 Cheats For Xbox One


A fallout shelter is a game which makes the player addicted, once he starts playing the game he completely involves into it. The game works with multiple devices like PC, IOS system as well as the user having Xbox can also enjoy this game. Fallout cheats for Xbox one which can make game simple, easy and more interesting, these hacks are discussed below.

Dealing with death claws

Deathclaws are the monsters that begin to appear when the vault reaches to 60 dwellers. These are the strong enemies that can destroy the vault within the seconds if one is not prepared to kill them. They move faster than the player, it is important to be ready to kill them if the player wants to proceed for next level. Flowing are the ways to get escape from these monsters.


Best Fallout 4 Cheats For Xbox One

Intentional incident

The death claws appear when the person opens the new vault or get into the new dweller. Exploring of the wasteland. The incident occurs only at one time. if the incident is created intentionally for the rush attempt it causes the fire or the road Roch infestation, this creates the possibility of the override of the death claws. If the person has a radio station on his vault he may want to get rid of it, as these also attracts the death claws.

Fallout 4 Cheats Codes and Commands



KillAllKill all NPCs in immediate area.
KillKill selected target
tclTurn NoClip mode on / off.
tfcEnable free-roaming camera
tcaiToggle NPC combat AI on / off.
tgmGod Mode (infinite health, ammo, AP)
unlockUnlock selected door / terminal
taiToggle all NPC AI on / off.
tmm 1Show all markers on map.
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Use of brute force

If the person has firepower, armor and the dweller of level 50 then he can survive against the death claws then the strategy 1 can be helpful. For the highest level, it is important to have strong weapons to kill these enemies.

Designing of single rooms

The other method to make the game amazing and proceeding is to change the floor into the single room. Although it requires a lot of caps and the work but it will is beneficial for the player. By the creation of the single room, it is possible to assign two dwellers at a time to kill the death claws. These move quickly from one room to another room, the single room facilitate the easy dealing with the monsters.

Best Fallout 4 Cheats

Fallout Weapon List


.32 Pistols

(Rusty .32 Pistol, .32 Pistol, Enhanced .32 Pistol, Hardened .32 Pistol, Armor Piercing .32 Pistol,Wild Bill’s Sidearm,)

 Scoped .44

(Rusty Scoped .44, Scoped .44, Enhanced Scoped .44, Hardened Scopes .44, Armor Piercing Scopes .44, Blackhawk,)

10mm Pistols

(Rusty 10mm Pistol, 10mm Pistol, Enhanced 10mm Pistol, Hardened 10mm Pistol, Armor Piercing 10mm Pistol, Lone Wanderer,)


Assault Rifles

(Rusty Assault Rifle, Assault Rifle, Enhanced Assault Rifle, Hardened Assault Rifle, Armor Piercing Assault Rifle, Infiltrator,)

Hunting Rifles

(Rusty Hunting Rifle, Hunting Rifle, Enhanced Hunting Rifle, Hardened Hunting Rifle, Armor Piercing Hunting Rifle, Ol’ Painless,)

Sniper Rifles

(Rusty Sniper Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Enhanced Sniper Rifle, Hardened Sniper Rifle, Armor Piercing Sniper Rifle, Victory Rifle,)

Energy Heavy Weapons:

Fat Man Weapons

(Rusty Fat Man, Fat Man, Enhanced Fat Man, Hardened Fat Man, Guided Fat Man, MIRV,)

Download COmplete Fallout Weapon List NOw:


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Fallout shelter lunchbox glitch

The beginners usually need this hack to complete the level and to kill the monsters. It is good to purchase the lunchbox that is beneficial in the game. The lunchbox contains a bunch of the items that help in the game. these may contain caps, power, water and food. Equipment and sometimes the rare weapons are also present in it. The common way to get these lunch boxes is to complete the quest. These are the main objective of the game. If the player completes the level and all objectives then he proceeds to the next level. Sometimes it is difficult to catch these boxes, especially beginners do not have enough knowledge for that purpose they can use simple tricks to get the goodies through the lunchbox. The setting of the time ahead can help. If the long time is set then it is possible to collect a variety of the items. The completely different quest can help, if the person is out of lunchbox quest he can start the quest for another item like the cap quest. In this way, he can earn different items.

Fallout 4 Cheats


Keeping the dwellers in the rotation also help in finding these items. The game is interesting and keeps the player to play it for hours. The amazing features and some simple tips if the person understands then he will not get bored rather recommend the game to his fellows. By following the glitches for fallout 4 can make the game amazing and the best game for the player.

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