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Fallout 4 .44 pistol

fallout 4 .44 pistol

The Fallout 4 .44 pistol is a twofold activity gun, loaded in the .44 Magnum cartridge, with a blued complete and wooden grasps. It doesn’t have the same number of customization choices as most gun outlines, yet these guns brag significant ballistic harm.

fallout 4 .44 pistol Characteristics

These guns are generally normal, and they can be found or bought all through the Commonwealth. Pointing down sights is rash for close experiences because of the solid backlash, and with the correct mods, it can be made very precise for terminating from the hip.

.44 pistol Stats

Damage Rate of Fire Clip Range Accuracy VATS AP
50 6 6 119 66 28

The Nuka-World extra adds an extra barrel to this current weapon’s accessible alterations.

Fallout 4 .44 pistol


  • Kellogg’s gun
  • The Gainer
  • Eddie’s Peace

.44 pistol Locations

  • Can be plundered from dead Triggermen.
  • A snubnosed form of this gun can be found in the Water filtration tops reserve lying next to a skeleton near the shore of the lake close Sanctuary, however before Concord is come to. The skeleton is inclining toward a deactivated water pump not a long way from an unmarked little marauder camp. Cross the scaffold leaving Sanctuary at that point take after the shore left, past a dock until the point when you go to the water pump. Take after the pump pipe, it drives straightforwardly to the skeleton with the firearm.
  • A snub-nosed .44 gun might be found in Hardware Town on a table with a case and wine bottle in a room upstairs.
  • A snub-nosed .44 gun may be found inside a drawer in the Federal observation focus K-21B in the south piece of the guide.
  • A snub-nosed .44 gun might be found in an open safe in the upstairs rooms of the National Guard encampment.
  • Numerous snubnosed .44 guns might be found on a portion of the assemblages of Raiders in and around Dunwich Borers.
  • Can be plundered from Railroad Heavies amid The Battle of Bunker Hill alongside the required ammunition.
  • Game title-FO4 NW Can be found on Nuka-Town USA marauders and ordinarily convey the “Bladed bull barrel” adaptation. It is generally found on individuals from the Disciples.
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Fallout 4 Pistols List

.44 Pistol .44 Pistol 4.2 4 Mods
10MM Pistol 10mm Round 1.2 6 Mods
Gamma Pistol Gamma Round N/A 6 Mods
Laser Pistol Fusion Cell N/A 5 Mods
Pipe Pistol .38 Round 2.8 6 Mods
Pipe Revolver Pistol .45 Round 4.2 5 Mods
Plasma Pistol Plasma Cartridge 4 Mods
Flare Gun Flare 2 N/A

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