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Fallout 2 Weapons Guide and mods!

Fallout 2 weapons are similar to original Fallout but are more improved and have better skills. Each weapon has different skills that can be used in different situations. Here are¬†weapons type list:     
  • Big Guns - very large weapons
  • Energy Weapons - directed-energy weapons
  • Explosives - thrown or placed explosives
  • Firearms - all ranged-damage weapons, including ballistic and directed-energy.
  • Guns - all firearm class weapons.
  • Melee Weapons - stand-off hand held striking weapons
  • Small Guns - small firearms
  • Throwing - all thrown weapons.
  • Traps - placed explosives
  • Unarmed - striking weapons worn on the hand or arm
 Fallout 2 is a Role Playing Game set in a Post Nuclear World. It is the sequel to original Fallout and was released on 30th September 1998 by Black Isle Studios. In Gameplay Fallout 2 is similar to original Fallout. It is basically a role playing game with turn based combat and the player plays in pseudo-isometric view.

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