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Fallout 4 Chinese officer’s sword

Fallout 4 Chinese officer's sword

Chinese officer’s sword Characteristics

These weapons are remainders from the United States’ war with China, an occasion that set off the Great War. They were in all probability brought back by American officers battling in different crusades in territory China, or were brought by Chinese infiltrators and saboteurs like the ones at Mama Dolce’s and somewhere else all through the United States.

With its high strength and quick assault speed, the Chinese officer’s sword is a great weapon outside of V.A.T.S., while swings in V.A.T.S. utilize 28 AP.

Chinese officer’s sword Durability

The Fallout 4 Chinese officer’s sword can effectively strike around 1000 times from full condition before breaking.

Chinese officer’s sword Variants

Fallout 4 Chinese officer's sword

  • Vampire’s Edge – The weakest of the Chinese officer’s sword variations, Vampire’s Edge weighs just a single pound, and is the main variation to utilize the general sword’s skin.
  • Clover’s Chinese officer’s sword – A one of a kind, non-playable variant utilized by Clover with indistinguishable details to the customary adaptation.
  • Jingwei’s shock sword Gametitle-FO3 OA-A zapped form of the Chinese officer’s sword, the shock sword is significantly more grounded and arrangements electrical harm after some time.
  • Sim rendition Gametitle-FO3 OA – An adaptation of the weapon which seems just inside the Anchorage reproduction. Not at all like other sim-particular weapons, this form has a higher base and basic harm than its ordinary partner and furthermore causes breaking down for non-player characters murdered by a basic hit like Jingwei’s shock sword. This weapon is just conveyed by non-player characters inside the Anchorage reproduction and can’t be gotten through ordinary means.
  • Samurai’s sword Gametitle-FO3 MZ – An antiquated weapon from Japan that arrangements an additional aiding of harm on basic hits, and is significantly more sturdy than the standard sword.
  • Clover’s Cleaver – A Chinese officer’s sword that was cut from the base amusement. It was proposed to be utilized by Clover and was to be the Evil devotee one of a kind weapon, much like Fawkes’ super sledge and Butch’s Toothpick were for the other Karma levels.
  • Katana Gametitle-FO3 MZ – A variation of the samurai’s sword that arrangements significantly less basic harm yet thumps enemies down with basic hits.
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Fallout 4 Chinese officer’s sword Locations

  • Megaton, in Jericho’s home, cuts into a teddy bear.
  • The Republic of Dave, in the Museum of Dave, in all likelihood a relic from Dave’s voyaging days.
  • On a dead Chinese commando, situated at the starting point purpose of the Chinese radio guide, because of an irregular experience.
  • The Chinese skipper at Mama Dolce’s is another holder of this sword.
  • Can be found on a few crazy tenants of Vault 106 who all utilization scuffle weapons.
  • Irregular thieves all through the amusement may convey one, and they will seem all the more frequently when the player is at a lower level.
  • There’s one in Abraham Washington’s exhibition hall in Rivet City, behind a rubble heap close to a few lockers.
  • Ruby at Paradise Falls conveys one.
  • There’s one in the weapons lab in the Mothership Zeta add-on.

Fallout 4 Melee Weapons

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Walking Cane Rolling Pin Shishkebob
Sledgehammer Super Sledge Switchblade / Ripper


  • Clover’s variation of Chinese officer’s sword has a Base ID of 0006415d. It has boundless sturdiness, and details indistinguishable with the standard one.
  • When running in the third individual with this sword out, the diversion utilizes a similar running liveliness from Oblivion, one of Bethesda Softworks’ different titles.
  • When utilizing a Stealth Boy or Chinese stealth defensive layer, the sword’s blood stains will at present be obvious.
  • In Fallout: New Vegas, a developed unusable adaptation of the Chinese officer’s sword can be seen behind senior McNamara’s work area. It is a piece of an expansive Brotherhood of Steel image which comprises of a sword balance from two interlocking apparatuses.
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