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Fallout 4 10mm pistol

Fallout 4 10mm pistol

The Fallout 4 10mm Pistol is one of the main weapons got inside Vault 111, found next to the remaining parts of the security faculty alongside the security mallet. The gun itself does sensible harm and is extraordinary as an early level weapon.

Fallout 4 10mm Pistol Characteristics

It likewise gives a sensible measure of adjustments that further underlines its adaptability, however not as much as its adversary the pipe gun. In any case, in spite of being given a generous measure of ammo in Vault 111, ammo in the early bits is uncommon, particularly when battling early enemies who are mostly outfitted with pipe guns. It is useful to spare the 10mm until required, utilizing the pipe gun can demonstrate accommodating from the get-go when .38 rounds are ample.

Fallout 4 10mm pistol..
Fallout 4 10mm pistol

10mm pistol Stats

Damage Rate of Fire Clip Range Accuracy AP Cost
18 46 12 83 60 21


    • Wastelander’s Friend

10mm Pistol Locations

  • Vault 111, in the Overseer’s office. One will be in the work area and another will be on a rack alongside the case containing the Cryolator.
  • Haven Hills, in the shower in the second house on the privilege with the terminal originating from Vault 111. Another will be in the second house that Codsworth goes to while killing bugs, besides a skeleton between the ice chest and broiler.
  • Fiendish Shipping Fleet Lockup, by a skeleton in the southernmost building.
  • Monsignor Plaza, in a shut doodah in the upstairs firearm shop.
  • Center 360, in the DIA store that might be gotten to from a side rear way emergency exit and fallen building flotsam and jetsam.
  • Can be purchased from most weapon sellers.
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Fallout 4 Pistols List

.44 Pistol .44 Pistol 4.2 4 Mods
10MM Pistol 10mm Round 1.2 6 Mods
Gamma Pistol Gamma Round N/A 6 Mods
Laser Pistol Fusion Cell N/A 5 Mods
Pipe Pistol .38 Round 2.8 6 Mods
Pipe Revolver Pistol .45 Round 4.2 5 Mods
Plasma Pistol Plasma Cartridge 4 Mods
Flare Gun Flare 2 N/A

10mm Pistol Notes

  • In spite of the long barrel adjustment being viewed as the “standard” for the weapon, the dominant part of 10mm guns brought forth on the planet utilizes the short barrel. This is an inconsistency imparted to the .44 gun and the Deliverer.
  • In the event that furnished with the long barrel, it looks somewhat like the N99 gun found in Fallout 3 and New Vegas.
  • The two 10mm guns found in Vault 111 both offer an uncommon quality, in that at whatever point they are grabbed, they will consequently be prepared, supplanting the right now a prepared weapon. This happens regardless of the possibility that the weapons are modded and renamed.
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Fallout 4 10mm pistol
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